Saturday, August 13, 2011

Another Priest in Albany Diocese Accused

Edit: The Old Liberal Bishop of Albany New York is in the news again.   He's had to suspend a priest based on an accusation of an event said to have taken place 20 years ago. Shouldn't Bishop Hubbard suspend himself?  He's had more than one accusation leveled against him, here. The priest in question, Father Carl Urban, rejects the accusations against himself. If this man is innocent of the charges against him and Bishop Hubbard sticks to his guns, it wouldn't be the first time the Bishop of Albany has ridden someone out on a rail. In any event, this isn't the first time Father Urban has been accused.  The alleged victim has not filed a civil suit.

SCHENECTADY, NY (WTEN) -A retired priest is put on administrative leave as the church investigates an .allegation for sexual abuse.

Bishop Howard J. Hubbard announced on Saturday that Rev. Carl Urban will be suspended from the church until furthur notice.

The allegations, which Father Urban strongly denies, dates back more than 20-years ago.

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