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The Great Man Laid to Rest in Vienna: Revisions to the Ceremony

Editor: The Emperor has made a stately and sad journey through the old Lands of Central Europe, recalling our past and Christendom. He will end his final journey at the Capuchin Crypt in the center of old Vienna, the heart of Europe and the seat of beauty and majesty. There will be changes to the ceremony to befit the Emperor's activities as a European citizen.

"Otto - A Mortal, sinnful Man"

The stricken Austrian Emperor will have his worldly accomplishments announced at the knocking ritual at the Crypt of the Habsburgs.

(, Wien) Next Saturday his Imperial and Royal Highness, Archduke Otto von Habsburg, will be laid to rest in Vienna's Imperial Crypt, the Kaisergruft.

The funeral procession will arrive from the Stepensdom to the Capuchin Church where the Kaisergruft is near.

The Last Time in 1989

The last time the knocking ritual took place was for the burial of the last Austrian Empress, Zita († 1989, the Mother of Otto von Habsburg.

Actually, this time the ceremony will be significantly altered.

In the first part, the Master of Ceremonies will refer, as is usual, the heritage and titles of the deceased.

Then in the second part, on the contrary, will be the wordly achievements and honors that were bestowed on Otto Habsburg.

Upon each of these addresses the Capuchin Priest within the Church will respond:

"We don't know him"

The deceased son of an Emperor will then be allowed entrance into the Church when he is described as "a mortal, sinful man".

The MC knocks three times

Capuchin: "Who desires entrance?"

Master of Ceremonies: "Otto of Austria,
First Crown Prince of Austria-Hungary,
Imperial Prince of Hungary and Bohemia, of Dalmatia, Croatia, Slavonia,
Londomeria and Illyria,
Grand Duke of Toskana and Krakow,
Duke of Lothringia, of Salzburg, Steria, Carinthia, Craina and the Bokowina,
Grand Prince of Siebenburgen,
Count of Mähren,
Duke of Upper and Lower Silesia, of Modena, Parma, Piacenza and
Guastalla, of
Auschwitz and Zator, of Teschen, Friali, Ragusa, Zara,
princely Count von Habsurg of Tirol, of Kyburg, Gorz and Gradisca,
Prince of Trent and Brixen,
Count of Upper and Lower Lausitz and Istria,
Count of Hoehenms, Feldkirch, Bregenz, Sonnenberg etc.,
Lord of Triest, of Cattaro and of the Windischen Mark,
Grand Voyod of the Voyodship of Serbia, etc., etc."

Capuchin: "We do not know him!"

MC knocks three times

Capuchin: "Who desires entrance?"

Master of Ceremonies: "Dr. Otto von Habsburg,
President an Honorary President of the Pan European Union,
Member and Late President of the European Parliament,
Honorary Doctor of numerous Universities and Honorary Citizen of many Societies in
Central Europe,
Member of honorable Academies and Institutes,
Bearer of high and highest State and Church awards, orders and honors,
which were bestowed upon him in recognition of his decades long
fight for
the freedom of peoples, for law and justice."

Capuchin: "We do not know him!“

MC knocks three times

Capuchin: "Who desires entrance?"

Master of Ceremonies: "Otto -- a mortal and sinful man!"

Capuchin: "So, come in!"

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