Monday, April 12, 2010

A Jesuit Talks about "Responsibility"

We are saddened to see the heretical Father Thomas Reese quote selectively from the history of the past. He rightly points out that many Bishops were infected with liberalism in their appraisal of their homosexual priests, and "believed" them when they said they would never abuse again.

He also mischaracterizes the crisis that "exploded" as if it was an event spontaneously occurring as a result of ecclesiastical negligence, giving the impression that the case wasn't part of a three step media assisted heist to rob and discredit the Church.

Strange that Fr. Reese should write an article about responsibility. Strange that after being fired from his editor post at America Magazine that he was reassigned like a sexual predator to strike again. Who knows what doctrines he will attack next? At this point he's confined himself to selectively reporting on the gross negligence on the part of so many liberal Bishops and Prelates to deal with their homosexual priests. Perhaps these men had such a problem with this, because they themselves were also, in many cases, homosexuals?

++Weakland (paid boyfriend half million to stay quiet, sued victim for $4,000), +Hubbard (Long history of protecting clerical predators and destroying Catholicism in his Diocese, destroyed one of his priests who was reporting to Cardinal O'Connor), ++O'Brien (ran over a pedestrian and protected Dale Fushek of Lifeteen fame, here), ++Mahony (Half a Billion Dollars isn't much, is it? We can recall Father Greg, the Diocesan Communication's director making excuses for Father Liuzi), +Hunthausen of Seattle, here, was a man who protested Nuclear Weapons and won awards for his social justice work by the irrelevant Paulists, but didn't do so well when it came to protecting his flock from predatory homosexuals, here. His activities were curtailed in 1985 when then Cardinal Ratzinger had to come in and clarify things somewhat, by appointing a coadjutor here.

Hunthausen was later reassigned in 1987, after the Vatican received assurances his departures from Church teaching on matters of homosexuality, divorce, liturgy and the "education" of priests. The blatantly irresponsible article from the New York Times characterized a Catholic Diocese eager to defend their Bishop. It's most certainly a poor description of the situation. Most Catholics didn't care at all about ++Hunthausen.

The disciplining of Archbishop Hunthausen deeply angered many American Catholics, in Seattle and elsewhere, and aggravated tensions between the American church and Rome. Some American church leaders were known to be concerned that these tensions might have embarrassed Pope Paul II on his visit to the United States in September.

Archbishop Hunthausen has been a controversial figure in the church since 1982, when he began to withhold half his Federal income tax to protest the stockpiling of nuclear weapons. He also once used the phrase ''Auschwitz of Puget Sound'' in speaking out against establishment of the Trident submarine base at Bangor, Wash.

In fact, despite the NYTs avid support for ++Hunthausen, his negligence cost the Archdiocese, (and his suffragan Diocese, Spokane filed bankruptcy). By 2004, Hunthausen's negligence had cost the Archdiocese $31 Million with 250 Victims [The News Tribune, cf. Whispers in the Logias compared to the perjurious Cardinal Mahony's $600 Million and over 500 victims racked up covering a similar time period.

Additional Prelates include: Bishop Ziemann, Abbott Eidenschink, Cardinal Bernardin (Master of the Boy's Club in Chicago) or Archbishop Oscar Lipscomb of Alabama.

The list isn't exhaustive, there are quite a few more who could have been deposed and weren't, and one story that remains untold is the liberal monsters that hide behind clerical masks to create the problem which has done so much to enrich litigators throughout the land.

All of the men, including Cardinal Law, are homosexual enablers of predator priests in their own right. They've created a harvest for victim's advocacy groups and lawyers, and they've been undermining, in their own way, the principles of the Church they were sworn to defend and protect.

This non-crisis, manufactured by the press collaborating with Marxist attorneys for a pre-established agenda, want to destroy the Church in the same way that the Fascists wanted to destroy it in German and the Communists wanted to destroy it in the Soviet Union. Anyhow, it's strange to see a man like Reese SJ, whose confreres are so ideologically, ecumenically and theologically and literally bankrupt, talk about responsibility.

It's your Catholic Faith that's at stake here and if you don't defend it when you have the opportunity, it will be crushed to dust in your heart.

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