Friday, April 30, 2010

Benedictine Monks Restore Abbey at Nursia

Soli Deo Honor et Gloria"

The only sound in the monastery refectory, in the small Umbrian town of Norcia, about three hours from Rome, is the high metallic sound of forks clinking against plates.

"Clink.... clink clink..."

No, wait... I'm wrong.

As I sit listening, I can also hear the sound of water pouring into glasses, the sound of robes swooshing as the monks move about, the sound of chair legs scraping the floor as the monks rise to get a second helping (it is a buffet meal, of soup, pasta in tomato sauce with red and green olives, lettuce, and rough-cut bread) and the sound of glasses thumping softly down against the table cloth after the monks take a drink.

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