Friday, March 5, 2010

Former Nuntio Publicly Attacks Pope Benedict

This ex-Nuntio despises [1] the direction the Papacy is going under Benedict's leadership, particularly in regard to his recent naming of the conservative Archbishop Leonard as the new Primate of Belgium [2]. Considering the Archbishop's steady hand in the face of secularist criticism and a lawsuit by homosexuals, it does give some indication of the reason for the Nuntio's hostility to the appointment.

[Translation from Kathnet]Karl-Josef Rauber is the Nuntio emeritus of Switzerland and openly violates the papal silence "Sub secreto pontificio" in conjunction with Episcopal appointments.

In a firey interview, which appeared in the last edition of the Italian paper, "Ill Regno",the German Archbishop Karl-Josef Rauber, till just recently the Apostolic Nuncio in Belgium and Luxemburg, turned with harsh criticisms against his superior and countryman, Joseph Ratzinger.

"For anyone, who has the occupation of the Office of the Papacy, it's no small thing." said the experienced Vaticanist, Sandro Magister, in the Italian paper, "L'Espresso" in a related commentary.

His intention to criticize the Pope has deep roots; they go back to the time when Ratzinger was a professor in Regensburg and Rauber was sent by him, to be engaged in his behalf in Rome. Archbishop Rauber's intention then was to challenge his conservative disposition.

The position worsened as Rauber became Nuntio in Switzerland. He complained in the interview, that the then Cardinal-Prefect of the Congregation of the Faith had denounced him "four times" to the Secretary of State, because he was openly criticizing the discipline of celibacy and had spoken poorly of some Bishops.

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Unknown said...

Sounds to me like the Pope made a wise decision. Perhaps the new Cardinal (to-be) might be able to keep the postage stamp sized country of no importance from splitting into two micro-countries on the basis of language.

The more these dissidents speak out the better. The average Catholic has no clue as to how many free-thinkers there are in the Church.

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