Monday, February 8, 2010

USCCB Desperate In Face of Diocesan Catholic Appeal

Fr. Frank Pavone, Pro-life empire builder and establishment figure is eager and willing to step in on behalf of the beleaguered USCCB and their socialist engineering projects at the CCHD which use the monies they received to support aims and organizations hostile to the Catholic Faith. His comments are here, and line up squarely in defense of the homosexuality, anti-Catholic and abortion promoting John Carr. Is there any reason why the establishment Fr. Pavone is sticking his neck out for this man, despite the hand we see in the anti-Catholic cookie jar? Could it be that Fr. Frank Pavone can't really be trusted as credible? The USCCB has already attacked the attackers of Carr and their CCHD, calling its detractors "calumniators" while not giving a single shred of coherent argumentaition as to why it's the case. Actually, this is an effective tool to defuse legitimate criticism.

Like Notre Dame University, a Catholic name doesn't make it Catholic, and even a well-known allegedly pro-life Catholic Priest might not be trusted. Don't watch what these people say but watch what they DO. John Carr, despite telling Frank Pavone that he's solidly pro-life, hasn't been very good at actually defending innocent life, in fact, he's done the opposite as America's Independent Party page describes:

- Why over 50 CCHD supported organizations are in some capacity engaged in pro-abortion or pro-homosexual causes

- Why Tom Chabolla, associate director of programs for CCHD, replaced Carr on the CCC board while the CCC was heavily engaged in pro-abortion, pro-homosexual advocacy

- Why 31 CCHD grantees are "partners" with the CCC

- Why Ralph McCloud, CCHD executive director, spoke at a CCC-sponsored rally for Barack Obama. McCloud, referred to Obama’s election as, “a great day,” and proclaimed “very soon we will see a new Jerusalem”

- Why Carr’s USCCB bio omits his involvement with the CCC, while near word-for-word copies of his bio for outside activities include it

- If Carr didn’t know the direction the CCC was headed while chairing the board of the organization, how will he address, as the head of the CCHD, the ongoing problem of funding for radical pro-abortion, pro-homosexual groups

Strangely, even American Papist, although he feels the CCHD should be sidelined, balks at's description of the situation as "the smoke of Satan" quoting Paul VI's haunting statement about the corruption in the Church.

He still wants to drive a middle-line himself and wants to see the CCHD salvaged as does Reform the CCHD.

Nienstedt and Chaput defend CCHD, here

And even USCCB and +Mahony shill, Bill Donahue, wants to see this thing blow over.

The important thing to remember is that whoever steps up in defense of this socialist engineering garbage is himself either an unwitting tool of anti-Catholic agendas or an active enemy of the Catholic Faith and that includes, as we have seen time and time again, Bishops, priests, "trusted laypersons" and women in pantsuits who claim they're doing it for the kids.

Next week, if not in the coming Easter season, you have been asked by your Bishop to give generously (about 3% of your income) to the Catholic Appeal. We suggest that you take this money and give it to more worthy causes, like people you know and trust. None of your money goes specifically to CCHD, but your Diocese in many cases, with 6 or 7 exceptions nationwide has a CCHD office. We suggest you call your Archdiocese and find out how your Diocese spends the Catholic appeal and whether or not these programs are consistent with Catholic teaching, or hostile to it. In many cases, your Diocese may support a College which invariably as it is with Catholic education, is not consistent with Church teaching. Your charity should be prudent as much as it is given with love and compassion. As it is, if you give to your parish, or your Diocesan appeal, you are likely givingmoney to support anti-Catholic hate groups like ACORN or Planned Parenthood. Be a wise steward of your money.

Also, write or call your Bishop and tell them why you aren't giving any money to support abortion, homosexuality and anti-Catholic hate.

Deal at Inside Catholic takes another bite, here, asking "Why did the USCCB join this Civil Rights Organization?"

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