Sunday, November 14, 2021

Voris and Budgie Engaging in Blackmail Against Blogger and His Family

Edit: Voris’ fag hag is particularly abhorrent. 

Naturally, Voris and Budgie (Being aberrosexual and aberrosexual enabler) are eager to impute guilt to Father Jackson before he’s had his day in court.

Budgie is making demands against the blogger and trying to tell him what to do. Shouldn’t she be making sandwiches for her family?!

Like the evil Mark Shea (Notice how Shea and Co. don’t attack Voris any more?) and the rest of the Cackling Patheos Coven, Voris and Company are trying to dox and destroy this Marine just for attempting to fund a vigorous legal defense for Father Jackson. IS evil. 

It’s interesting that Voris’ payroll is 200k a month. Does Tradition Marine really make 200k a year?



  1. Wow. You named all the fake Catholics, the evildoers, those absolutely devoid of charity otherwise they would be soliciting prayers instead of fomenting hatred. Out of arrogance, pride they follow the habits of the Devil. Like the Devil they accuse their brethren. “ because the accuser of our brethren is cast forth, who accused them before our God day and night.” Bet they are all Democrats.🤣🤡👹

  2. Shea won't criticize gays or jews

  3. It is possible that the entire thing is a scripted and layered psy-op, with everyone playing a role. This possibility includes the alleged criminal priest and alleged criminal acts, arrest and arraignment.

    The more Catholics discover the sinister and omnicidal intent of the Global Synagogue, the more such events can be expected to occur.

    Note that CM has fully transitioned from previously pro-TLM to apparently TLM-hostile: their Opus Dei funding Jews must have revised the script there.

    We need to stop falling for their psy-ops, withdraw from the Global Synagogue's master-slave money empire, and forge a future of our own.

  4. Why would the accused priest be a pysop?

  5. @Enjcj

    In order to attack, demoralize and discredit practitioners of Tradition.