Monday, October 18, 2021

It could've been worse if he hadn't been "vaccinated."

 Yiddish speaker Colin Kernel Powell passes from complications of Covid-1984.

Powell appears with Aunt Bee to diss Donald Trump on CNN

It's quite fun watching the media scramble to explain how rare it is for people to die of Covid if they're "fully vaccinated."   Meanwhile, Portugal and Sweden are banning Israeli passport holders (among the world's most vaccinated) because they're spreading Kung Flu.   This is about anti-Semitism as much as the Southwest Airlines sickout was about weather.


  1. He had Multiple Myeloma.
    He was a dead man walking even without Covid.

  2. The man was EIGHTY-FOUR YEARS OLD!!

    By the way--how do we know that he didn't die FROM The Vaxx?

  3. What point are you trying to make?

  4. If he hadn’t been jabbed, the Left would let you know

  5. His case is not as exceptional as the media want us to think.

  6. Church Militant took a break from bashing the SSPX to make the same points.

    I think Burke is too effeminate

  7. My uncle was a professor at City and loved speaking Yiddish with Powell.

    Learn more. Hate less.

    1. He was a house slave of Israeli state power.

  8. Behind every prominent black, you’ll find a Jew

  9. I don't want to hear any more about white privilege when this octaroon got where he did by doing the bidding of Jews and pretending to be black.

  10. Powell wasn’t even as black as General David Dinkins another who owed everything to Jews.

  11. OOOOhhh, we don't like Darkies, do we?

  12. 0000hhh!

    Seems they're criticizing them for by light not dark and doing the work of Joos

  13. @ October 19, 2021 at 6:47 AM
    Aaron said...
    "Learn more. Hate less."

    Having learned much more than Jews want known about the centuries of engineered criminality to be found in Jewish doctrine, culture and behavior, one discovers that Jewish hatred of gentiles is intense beyond description. Hate is a Jewish virtue, and hatred of Christ is the most extreme expression of the same. While ever praying for the Jew's conversion, we must nonetheless battle his lies, his hatred, and his exterminationist aggression against non-Jews everywhere.

  14. Jews in Palestine and Jebbies in Rome are dying from the Jab.

    Just saying........

  15. @ October 20, 2021 at 5:30 PM Steph said...

    "Jews in Palestine..."

    Other than the eminently logical link between Jews and Jesuits, your point is not at all clear. Just saying............