Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Voris is Sympathetic to Perverts Too

Edit: it’s evident that in his desire to destroy the SSPX which he believes hides predators, Voris seems to want to be particularly unmerciful toward one who has been to prison already. It’s an opportunity for him to accuse the Society of trying to move a predator around, instead of shunning him altogether. 

What about Milo whom Voris now works alongside and has defended clerical pederasty in the past? Like Milo, does Voris have a penchant for minor males? Should we shun Voris too? Why doesn’t Voris apply the same standards to himself and Milo that he levels against he SSPX?

Kreutzer here spends a lot of time complaining about Voris’ retreat cruise and Easter retreat, which aren’t particularly interesting to us, but she has Voris dead to rights when it comes to his unjust characterization of the Society with respect to a mere chapel goer, Smitherman.

Never mind that Church Militant friend, Father Petronne housed and protected numerous accused predator clergy. Not a word about that as far as we know. 

What say ye, Budgie?

 [Les Femmes] I have to shake my head over the hypocrisy of Church Militant. Let's go back once again to their April 20, 2020 hit piece on the SSPX. The title, as you may recall, was SSPX: Sympathetic to Perverts. The title appears to have come from a letter an SSPX parishioner wrote to Bishop Fellay about layman, James Simmerman, a convicted child abuser who spent four years in jail for molesting two young girls in the congregation. A wealthy man, Simmerman also settled a $3 million lawsuit with the families involved. CM quotes from the letter to Fellay including the "sympathetic to perverts" comment that became the title of their Spotlight:

Does the SSPX really want to be known as sympathetic to perverts of this nature? Couldn't this type of policy be seen as a magnet to other predators?



  1. Meat whistles like Voris and Milo should be spending their time doing penance.

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  4. David Gordon: Is that you?

  5. I have some questions about Perrone’s innocence and the fact that he’s associated with Gary doesn’t help.

  6. Is Opus Bono Sacerdoti shielding perverts?

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    *cue cheesy bass

  7. Michael Voris is not allowed near minors.

  8. Now, Now, you guys.
    I do not want you to think that the new sidekick was brought in to make Gary look less gay.

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