Saturday, April 14, 2018

SSPX Sisters Elect a New Superior General

(Paris) On Monday, April 9, the General Chapter of the Sisters of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Pius X elected a new Superior General.
The General Chapter met in the Mother house of the Congregation in the Abbaye Saint Michel-en-Brenne in the French department of Indre in the presence of Auxiliary Bishop Alfonso de Galaretta.

The capitulars elected Sr. Maria Jean Bréant, the former novice mistress of the Order, the fourth Superior General. Her term of office is six years. So far, Sr. Maria Jean worked at the novitiate Notre Dame de Compassion in Ruffec.
The third Superior General was Mother Marie-Augustin de Poulpiquet, who since 2006 has been the head of the sisterhood for two terms of office.
The first Assistant General was Sr. Thérèse Trutt from Baden, second General Assistant Sr. Marie Claire Wuilloud from Valais. She is superior of the monastery of St. Pius X in Göffingen in Swabia.
The Sisters of the Society of St. Pius X were founded on September 22, 1974 by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre in Rome. He was assisted by his biological sister, Mother Marie Gabriel, then a nun of the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Spirit (Spiritanerinnen). She asked for thr eclaustration to make the Order with a small group of other women and was the first Superior General. In 1977, the first postulant entered.
Today, the congregation has 195 sisters and more than 20 novices living and working in 27 houses on all five continents.
The Abbaye Saint Michel -en-Brenne was acquired in 1975 and became the mother house of the sisters. The abbey was founded around 632 by the Frankish archbishop Sigirand of Tours, who is today revered in France as Saint Cyran. In the 17th century, the monastery had become a center of Jansenism, which is why it was abolished in the early 18th century. After the French Revolution, the buildings were used for various purposes until they were restored by Archbishop Lefebvre again to ecclesiastical and monastic purposes.
According to the donor's will, the sisters live "intensely with the Lord's sacrifice renewed and continued on our altars" and worship the "sacrificial lamb always present in the Blessed Sacrament." In addition, they support "the apostolate of priests in various fields" in order "to lead the souls to this very worship".
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: FSSPX (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred


  1. Just one more example of a traditional movement which is booming while the modern nun is disappearing. At the very heart of this matter is the natural role of women as ordained by God Himself. These are women of service and giving in the very image of the Mother of God. The modern woman including the modern nun is full of herself and only narcissistic in belief. Thus is the true mother of a family. This rebellion against the ordained nature of the universe includes a growing support among the modern nun for abortion to be the decision for each woman along with the support from the gay cabal which has taken over the hierarchy. This was the message of Lucia at Fatima.

  2. Sr. Maria, the former novice *mistress* of the order...

  3. I believe these are schismaticals. That is, they are cut off from the True Church. They are disobedient, do-it-yourselfers! Like it or not, Christ's True Church is flawed, but no cos-play nunnery is gonna' bring back orthodoxy! Still, it's disturbing to see Protestants like this ape-ing the Catholic Religion! Hey, if I get suited up in my fiddleback and beretta will you laud me as "Rad-Trad" too?