Friday, March 17, 2017

A Jesuit Heretic's Heresy Disected by Benedictine

[HughOSB] As part of our Lenten penance, we are listening to James Martin SJ’s Jesus: A Pilgrimage in the refectory at lunch. It has been not too bad, the bits I have heard; until today. So many blasts from the past: Jesus “discovering” his “call”, “embracing his vocation” as at the wedding feast at Cana. It was the same old tired Christology-from-below (to put it at its best) that triumphed in the 70s and 80s. Truly, there is nothing new under the sun.
But then it turned a great deal worse, in one brief phrase: Martin referred to Jesus as “a fully human person”. It is a sad indictment of the last 50 years or more of deficient catechetics that any will not see the problem. Jesus is a man, isn’t he?
Indeed Jesus is human. However, he is not a human person. He is a divine person with a human nature. The heresy of Nestorius(†450) was a rational attempt to reconcile the humanity of Christ with the awesomeness of his divinity. His sticking point was Mary; he objected to her being called Mother of God, because God, by definition eternal and the first principle of existence—the uncreated Creator— could obviously have no mother. So he decided that Jesus must be a union of two persons, one divine and one human. Mary was mother of the human person, but not of the divine. So she could be called Mother of Christ, but not Mother of God.


  1. Growing up in a leftist Talmudic novus ordo 'parish' is 60% of the reason I now embrace the sedevacantist thesis and assist a chapel that obeys pre-1950 rubrics/holy week/after midnight holy Communion fast.
    I completely empathize & understand when he says
    "It was part of the 70's 80's Christology"

  2. We all have 46 Chromosomes. We take 23 from our biological Father and 23 from our biological Mother. God created our souls. We are created in the image and likeness of God. 3 Persons in one. We are our Father, we are our mother and we are who God created us. Can we say don't call my father my father nor my mother my mother as they only procreated my body but not my soul. If this is true of us, then why is it not true for Jesus Christ who took all of his 46 Chromosomes from our Lady? Jesus is God and that makes Our Lady, The Mother of God. Modernism was called by St. Pius X, "The heresy of all heresies". When will the Modernist heretics snap out of it and embrace the Holy Roman Catholic Church? All they have done is try to recreate Christ and his Church, endangering their and our salvation. The heretics say, the people are the Church! Well then let us the Church officially Anathematize them.