Thursday, October 6, 2016

Vienna's First District Bans the Distribution of the Koran

The first district of Vienna, Döbling, now prohibits the distribution of complimentary Korans by a controversial Foundation [The First District, is the center of the city, where many of Vienna's cultural and religious treasures referring to its glorious historical past are located.]

Vienna ( The first district of Vienna, Döbling, now prohibits the distribution of complimentary Korans. This was reported by the "Kron" [Left-Wing Broadsheet]. The ban was the result of protests from local residents and a request from the Freedom Party controlled district council.

This is so that no more of the Koran's "Lies!" will be allowed to be distributed by the Foundation in public places in the district. The Foundation is, according to media reports, also accused of recruiting members to ISIS through their work.

Previously, the Foundation had started distribution campaigns already in the center of Vienna on Mariahilferstrasse and at Stephansplatz. But only in the civil district of Döbling. has the district administration  now cracked down.


  1. Good! Now extend this ban to the rest of the country. And let us pray for the perseverance and fortitude of the Austrian people, and that no neocommie judge or politician reverse this initiative.

  2. There's something troubling about banning a book, especially given Austria's enthusiastic reception of the Anschluss. The EU isn't big on free speech as it is, and things are getting worse. Here in the UK, I'm not convinced Brexit will help reverse the war on free speech that has been spearheaded by the liberal elites.

    The problem isn't that Moslems are proseletysing; the problem is that no one else is. Where is the Catholic church's mission to the Moslems? What efforts are we making to demonstrate to them that Mohammed was a liar and a fraud? (I leave aside the legitimate question of whether the Mohammed of Moslem imagination every actually existed.) And until (or unless) governments re-adopt Christian rather than secular values, society cannot hope to resist the scourge of Mohammedanism.

  3. Tony--surely you jest. Read what the catechism has to say about Islam---they already have salvation. Watch the first "pope" prayer video---baby Jesu and Muslim prayer beads get equal billing. "Proselytism is solemn nonsense," says Frank. The "church" ain't in the business of converting no one anymore. Frank also says that it is a sin against ecumenism. Nowadays we just accompany people on their journeys.

    The few Muslims who do convert to Christianity--overwhelmingly go to Evangelical Protestant churches.

    Seattle kim

  4. This is good, but I am afraid that it is all the other outer districts of the city that pose a greater threat due to Islam. The Innerestadt is in many ways an island of Austrian Catholics surrounded by islamic immigrants.

  5. Are you also troubled by the banning of mein kampf ?