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Pope's Visit to Cuba: Widow of Oswaldo Payá Criticizes Castro Regime and Cardinal Ortega

Oswaldo Paya (1952- 2012)
(Rome / Havana) Prior to the Pope's visit to Cuba, Ticino journalist Giuseppe Rusconi (Rossoporpora) introduced an interview with Ofelia Acevedo, widow of Oswaldo Payá, a leading figure among the Cuban Catholics and President of the Christian civil rights movement Movimiento Cristiano de Liberacion (Christian Liberation Movement), who came his end in  a "very suspicious car accident" on 22 July 2012 (Rusconi). In the accident,  Oswaldo Payá (Founder and President) and Harold Cepero (president of the youth organization) the entire leadership of Christian Liberation Movement was extinguished. Pope Francis, who received the Payá family on 14 May 2014 in a private audience, knows the situation   well. The Widow criticizes Cardinal Jaime Ortega, archbishop of Havana, whom she  accuses of a hostile attitude towards the dissidents and critics of the regime.
Oswaldo Payá founded the Christian Liberation Movement in 1987 which became the authoritative voice of the anti-communist and anti-Castro dissidents. The Catholic Payá was the central figure of the dissident scene. Three years ago he was killed 700 km from Havana in a suspicious car accident. His name is connected with Proyecto Varela for obtaining fundamental rights and freedoms for the Cuban people by a referendum. Payá gathered the necessary 10,000 signatures and handed them over in 2002 to the Cuban Parliament. In 2003 he submitted  it again with 14,000 signatures, although the communist island regime responded with repressive measures. Ofelia Acevedo had to emigrate a year after the death of her husband with her ​​family to Miami (USA) because there was no end to constant police harassment and threats.

"In Cuba there is no freedom of religion"

For Pope's visit to Cuba Ofelia Acevedo said:
"When I found out, I was surprised, I felt great joy. Surprised because three papal visits within 17 years are a privilege, joy because Pope Francis is especially identified with the poor, marginalized and persecuted. These groups apply to the majority of my people. You expect a message of encouragement and hope by Pope Francis, who inspires them to rise up and go a long way to begin to become actors in their own history, to find the strength to do this in Jesus Christ, the great restorer of human dignity. "
The announcement of the Pope's visit has so far, says Acevedo,  brought  no improvements for the Cuban people.  "The lack of freedom keeps Cubans trapped in poverty and injustice." The situation is no much the same: "In Cuba there is no freedom of religion. There is an Office of Religious Affairs of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party (the only legal party on the island), which is connected to  State Security (the Seguridad). It has the task to  monitor every member of the Church,  to search, to persuade, to threaten, anyone who in his opinions or his conduct is displeased with the government of the Castro brothers. They have the power to intervene at any time in any area of ​Church life which does not satisfy the government. The Church has no access to the mass media. Families can offer their children no Christian religious instruction, because there is no such. The current head of the Office for Religious Affairs of the Communist Party has declared in connection with the Pope's visit, that religious instruction was eliminated by the Revolution."

Pope Francis knows the "pathetic" situation of Cubans

The Pope visits between 1998 and 2012 were an important sign of fraternal communion with the Pilgrim Church of Cuba.  The messages of John Paul II. and Benedict XVI. had been gratefully received by those Cubans who could hear it. "The Church hierarchy refers to positive consequences, because the government made it possible after the visits, that some priests could enter the country and purchase certain equipment and vehicles necessary for the pastoral care, as well as the return of some confiscated property including churches and schools in the early years of the revolution, which were then in the best condition. When they were returned, they were empty, dilapidated or or totally destroyed. Other visible positive consequences are not known to me."
The Castro government announced on the occasion of the Pope's visit, the amnesty of 3522 prisoners. "Until now there are himself among these, however, no political prisoners. In fact, so far the amnesty has not been put into effect yet for any prisoners."
The widow of Oswaldo Payá was received with her family by Pope Francis in a private audience. "We talked to him about the deplorable conditions under which the vast majority of Cubans survive. We talked for the pilgrim Church in Cuba to which we belong and whom we dearly love. We also talked about the assassination attempt of 22 July 2012, the car of my husband, which was perpetrated by agents of the Seguridad. On my husband's assassination, Oswaldo Payá and the young Harold Cepero [president of the youth organization of the Christian Liberation Movement] were killed. We have told the Pope that we are calling for an independent investigation in order to clarify the precise course of events. I think that Pope Francis knows the real situation in which Cubans live. He is well informed and involved in different moments linked to the suffering of the Cuban people."

"If the Pope wants it, he can meet Cuban dissidents"

Should the Pope want it, "he will be able to meet Cuban dissidents".
For some time, the negative disposition of Archbishop Jaime Cardinal Ortega y Alamino of Havana toward the dissidents has been criticized not only by the Catholic opposition. This past June 5 Cardinal Ortega, who was a central point of contact for Oswaldo Payá, gave an interview for the Spanish Cadena Ser,  in which he even denied the existence of political prisoners in Cuba.
"Unfortunately, Cardinal Ortega has on several occasion behaved in ways towards dissidents, not only the Catholic, that correspond to those employed by state security: exclude and insult."
Rusconi asked the widow what her husband, Oswaldo Payá, would say if he were still alive to the Pope. "My husband could hardly have had the opportunity to be in the vicinity of the pope during the visit. In the two previous Pope's visit he had asked the Church authorities to be able to meet John Paul II. And Benedict XVI., but it was not possible. We assume that the Cuban government would never have accepted such an encounter. But I'm sure if Oswaldo could speak with the Pope, he would have asked for nothing, but he would have said, 'I want to hear your word with an open heart and full of hope.'
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: InfoVaticana
Trans: Tancred


  1. Hey, what the heck, we're in a commie paradise, in the Caribbean sea, everybody here is happy.....the Castro bros. studied in a Jesuits college, 2 jesuits, the Jefe and the man in white, the different the way the party ordered the Cubans to go to the Mass, this time not too many, to be honest. God bles+

  2. these brave dissidents against the castro regime are the Cuban Christeros, and francischurch is treating them as enemies. How much you wanna bet that francis will personally give the commie brothers Holy Communion from his own hand? the very least, he will watch on approvingly while they receive (probably in their blood-stained hands).

  3. Pope Frankie goes to Hollywood (uncensored video)

  4. Oh God, save us from Pope Francis!

  5. Hurry ....get your Pope Frankie goes to Hollywood Tshirt

  6. Francis will not move a finger to acknowledge or help the Catholic dissidents because his sympathies and world view are with the Castro assassins---so much for his much-touted mercy and concern for the poor and the oppressed. His "gracious" acceptance from Evo Morales of the Marxist crucifix is a vibrant symbol of his real affinities. We are witnessing a papal apostasy. The Cardinal of Havana is a sycophant of the Castro regime and a traitor to real Catholics in Cuba, Catholics who are cornered, marginilized, and largely forgotten. Shame on this clownish leftist politico we have for a pope: clearly he could not believe in the judgement and the after life when he behaves the way he does. Wait also for his visit to Congress and to the UN, where he will seize the opportunity to proffer his half-literate, incoherent propaganda for environmentalism and global control of populations. Archimago

  7. His Holiness Pope Francis delivered a beautiful address upon his arrival today in Cuba.

    He called immediate attention to the Spiritual nature of his Apostolic when he called major attention to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    He said that the Church must be permitted to operate freely throughout Cuba.

    Pope Francis then destroyed the claims of people who insisted that he would side with the Castro regime and against Cubans who desire authentic freedom for Cubans.

    Pope Francis did so when he sided with Cuba's original freedom fighters.

    Pope Francis said that "the veterans of the War of Independence who, moved by sentiments of faith and patriotism, wanted the Virgen mambisa to be the patroness of Cuba as a free and sovereign nation.

    "Since that time she has accompanied the history of the Cuban people, sustaining the hope which preserves people’s dignity in the most difficult situations and championing the promotion of all that gives dignity to the human person."

    That is beautiful.

    His Holiness Pope Francis rejected dictatorship.

    Pope Francis sided with holy people who desire that the Blessed Virgin Mary serve as the Patroness of a Cuba that would be established as a "free and sovereign nation."


    Mark Thomas

  8. The fire brigade is at's only words, words, words, I don't trust him, full stop. God bless +

  9. It is, of course, most safe to talk about Cuba's War of Independence from Spain over a century ago while omitting the agony of the Cuban people of the pas fifty-five years. Pope Francis is not siding with any dissidents of the the savage Castro regime---he is issuing platitudes which are entirely safe while lending this illegitimate and criminal regime a measure of pseudo-respectability. To say that the Church should be given freedom of action is empty blather---of course, what else is a pope expected to say when he visits a repressive country. Mark Thomas should learn from us who were born in Cuba, have suffering relatives still in Cuba, and know the
    situation well before he pontificates about Francis's shameless demagoguery: speaking of a long-ago war of independence (largely inspired and directed by Masonry, by the way, and not by any love of Our Blessed Lady), a subject on which his tyrannical hosts would not have the slightest trouble in agreeing. Learn before you speak, Mr. Thomas

    1. Anonymous should learn from the countless people who were born in Cuba, have relatives suffering in Cuba, and know the situation well before he or she attacks His Holiness Pope Francis' so-called "demagoguery."

      A vast amount of Cubans agree with Pope Francis in regard to Cuba.

      A vast portion of Cubans who are holy Catholics support the Pope Saint John Paul II/Pope Benedict XVI/Pope Francis approach to Cuba.

      Anonymous would do well to adhere to his or her exhortation to learn before one speaks.


      Mark Thomas

  10. Among the most important aspects to His Holiness Pope Francis' Apostolic Visit to Cuba is his immense familiarity with the situation in Cuba.

    As is proper to the Papacy, a Roman Pontiff should not permit right-wing and left-wing special interest groups to dictate to the Vicar of Christ.

    In what is good news for Holy Mother Church, His Holiness Pope Francis has demonstrated that he will not permit said groups to dictate the Holy See's policy in regard to Cuba.

    In 1998 A.D., then-bishop Jorge Bergoglio (Pope Francis) played a key role in Pope Saint John Paul II's Apostolic Visit to Cuba.

    Bishop Bergoglio was designated a Latin American Church Delegate by Rome to accompany Pope Saint John Paul II on his Apostolic Visit to Cuba. As an insider during that visit to Cuba, Vatican officials exhorted Bishop Bergoglio to write a book about said Apostolic Visit to Cuba.

    Bishop Bergoglio wrote "Dialogues between John Paul II and Fidel Castro."

    Bishop Bergoglio was "highly critical of Cuba’s crackdown on freedoms."
    He also noted correctly that the "motives which led the United States to impose the embargo have been entirely superseded in the present time.”

    El bloqueo is history. Good riddance.

    Fortunately, Pope Francis has rejected the right-wing extremists' screams to maintain the antiquated, useless, and antiquated Cuban blockade.

    Democrat President Kennedy's blockade had run its course long ago. Today, right-wingers continue to support the Kennedy blockade...and they are alone in that regard.

    The majority of the American people (72 percent) wish to end el bloqueo. The majority of Republicans oppose the blockade.

    Pope Francis is aware of the obvious...the blockade only helped to solidify Fidel Castro's tyranny in Cuba. The blockade has only harmed our brothers and sisters in Cuba.

    Pope Francis, a peacemaker, — Blessed are the Peacemakers — will not permit right-wing extremists to thwart Catholic Social Teaching in regard to the Holy See' approach to Cuba.

    Pope Francis also will not permit left-wing extremists to influence the Holy See in regard to Cuba. Pope Francis has rejected left-wing claims that the Castro dictatorship has benefitted Cubans.

    Fortunately, what exists between the right-wing and left-wing extremes is the Holy Catholic Church and the Catholic Way. That is the way that His Holiness Pope Francis follows.

    In regard to Cuba, Pope Francis has helped to carve the path that will lead to holiness and authentic freedom for Cubans. His approach to the Cuban situation is to preach Jesus Christ.

    Left-wingers to preach their pro-Castro Culture of Death drivel. Right-wingers preach their destructive bellicose approach to Cuba. They scream to Pope Francis..."yell, shout...swing like a wrecking ball at Castro...preach militarism...maintain the blockade."

    Pope Francis' way is far more effective and clever. Demand freedom for the Church in Cuba. Strengthen the Church in Cuba. Exhort Cubans to embrace Jesus Christ and His True Church.

    That is the sane and effective way to undermine Castro.

    Pope Francis, dating to his days when he played a key role during Pope Saint John Paul II's 1998 A.D. Apostolic Visit to Cuba, has deep inside information on Castro and Cuba.

    Via his adherence to Jesus Christ, and his refusal to adhere to nonsense espoused by left-wingers and right-wingers, His Holiness Pope Francis will ensure that the Catholic Church triumphs in Cuba.

    Blessed are the Peacemakers.


    Mark Thomas

    1. Mark Thomas,

      The "blockade" ended in the early 60s, shortly after the USA and the Soviet overlords of Cuba struck a deal that removed US missiles from Turkey. After that, the Government of the USA started an embargo as a reaction to the private property seized by the Cuban Communists. Two very, very different things, blockade and embargo. there is no blockade to maintain, and where is the militarism? And I wonder if your assertions, such as Bergolio's supposed playing of a key role in brokering JPII's visit, have any basis in fact?

  11. Pope Francis was, according to a lot of press reports, "enthusiastic" wit the Castro regime after landing in Havana.
    Now we can see him using the same double language as Paul VI with the Cardinals Mindzenty and Slipyj.
    He displays a lot of compassion with the families of militants jailed in Cuba while having dithyrambic words for the Castro brothers once he stays on the cuban ground.
    Is the Pope trustworthy? That is the question...

  12. No, certainly Francis does not need left-wingers to dictate his papal policy as he is a committed left-winger himself. "Mark Thomas"'s casting of the whole papal visit in terms of left-wing/right-wing politics---while pretending to appear neutral and therefore sane and balanced, both himself and his hero Francis---is a classical ploy of liberals when they want to shut us up. The smearing of Cuban exiles---who know Communism well and from personal experience, very likely unlike "Mr. Thomas"---has intensified of late among those lefties who would prop up the Castro assassins with the lifting of embargo and the re-establishment of diplomatic relations with Cuba, Obama style. These scoundrels want cheap vacations in Cuba to satisfy their lurid, utopic curiosities and the advancement of their utopic nightmare. In the case of Mr. Thomas, it is mingled with a defense of a pope who is, by clear record and his own words and actions, a committed idelogue of the Left, committed to both the transformation of the world into a socialist "paradise" (read "miserable hell hole and tyranny by elites") and the Church into a secularist institution that bears no resemblance to the One established by Christ. Traditionalist Cuban

  13. Anonymous is either unfamiliar with the Church's teachings, Catholic Social Teaching in particular, or rejects said teachings, as Anonymous has attacked His Holiness Pope Francis who, in turn, has simply upheld and promoted Traditional Catholic Social Teaching.

    Even the likes of Rorate Caeli, which numerous times and numerous ways has criticized Pope Francis for this and that, has attacked those who have failed to understand that Pope Francis is a Traditionalist in regard to Catholic Social Teaching.

    Anybody who possesses remote knowledge of Catholic Social Teaching is aware that it is absurd to link Pope Francis to left-wing ideology.

    People who have attempted to fit Pope Francis into this or that box have time and again flopped in their rigid determination to define Pope Francis.

    Pope Francis is a Catholic. That is why he is neither a left-winger or right-winger.

    That is why, for example, one day he incurs the wrath of right-wingers who denounce this or that teaching that he reiterates...then the following day, he incurs the wrath of left-wingers when, for example, he demonstrates the good will that he has for the SSPX.

    Anybody who is determined to attach a label other than Catholic to Pope Francis will flop in his effort to pigeonhole His Holiness.


    Mark Thomas

  14. Anonymous has attempted unfortunately to discredit His Holiness Pope Francis in regard to the Pope and Cuba. Anonymous has attempt also to discredit countless Catholics who walk alongside Pope Francis in regard to the Holy See's approach to Cuba.

    Anonymous has, in turn, defamed the majority of Cubans as they reject the blockade against Cuba.

    A poll conducted earlier this year noted that 96 percent of people in Cuba are against blockade.

    The majority of Cubans support the establishment of relations between the U.S. and Cuba.

    The majority of Cubans in the United States favor the normalization of diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba.

    If His Holiness Pope Francis is a monster, socialist, and enemy of Cubans, then a vast amount of Cubans are in the same as there is widespread support among them to abolish the blockade.

    Sorry, Anonymous, but there is widespread rejection among Cubans of your condemnation of the Holy See's policy toward Cuba.


    Mark Thomas

    1. Mark Thomas,

      Can you give us a ballpark figure of the number Catholics who walk with the Pope in regards to Cuba? Where are they, not counting chanceries and Catholic university faculty lounges?

  15. Readers of this blog will notice how Mr. "Thomas" uses the usual, and tired, leftist/liberal tactic of the ad hominem attack without any specifics. For them, in their dishonesty, attacking the person is enough to defend their indefensible positions regarding chimerical utopias. He, for example, does specify how Pope Francis is a "traditionalist" when it comes to the Church's social tearching (for liberals and their useful idiots it is enough to say so)---a laughable proposition. When even the front cover of "Time" magazine features the semi-darkened face of Francis to ask whether the pope is a Catholic (although they, in their infinite theological learning and wisdom, affirm he is, although you would not know it from his utterances, we have a good indication from popular culture of how far from Catholic orthodoxy this unfortunate man is. Imagine anyone asking this of Pius XII or even the cowardly Benedict XVI. The social teaching of the Church, which condemns both socialism and "laissez faire' liberal capitalism, is largely absent in the ridiculous encyclical "Laudato si," a propaganda piece for the environmental program of the Far Left; it is from his symbolic gestures and words almost from the beginning of this destructive pontificate. And Thomas has the audacity of speaking, again without substance, of the Right's "destructive policies" against Cuba. The real destroyers in our midst are Obama, the Castro assassins, and Francis---all birds of the same feather; and the object of their destruction? Christian civilization. No wonder Francis calls incessantly (in the name of a false mercy) for the overrunning of Europe by Islamic refugees, among whom there are certainly great enemies of the Church he is supposed to be sherperding. No wonder he incessantly, in his great "mercy," demoralizes faithful traditional Catholics with scoldings, ignorant misrepresentations (like calling them "Pelagians," not realizing that that term best applies to the liberals today who deny original sin and its consequences), and the active persecution of orthodox bishops (like Cardinal Burke and Bishop Rogelio Livieres, among several others) who have been impeccable in their love of the Church and in bringing great vitality to the Church in their respective apostolates.

    Yes, the people of Cuba want a lifting of the embargo because they have been choking for more than half a century of living in the Marxist paradise of workers, lacking (due to socialist policy and not any embargo that left, after all, trade with the rest of the world intact) the basics of decent life and earning the equivalent of 10 cents an hour while the Castro assassins eat lobster and the finest meats daily, have world-class health care for themselves, and rejoice at the billion dollars they have in Swiss banks. I have not defamed or slandered them---it is the naive, or worse, Mr. Thomas who defames them by misapplying their understandable desire to live with some of the comforts of the 21th century (some to their spiritual detriment, as they will find out) while feigning concern for their plight. What a hypocrite and what a liar---exactly what the faithless papolatry engenders (not real lovers of the Church or the Papacy, which, as the great Leo XIII wisely said, does not need our lies). Inauthenticity engenders inauthenticity. Cuban Catholic

    1. Dozens of other countries have relations with and are trading with Cuba, yet Cuba is still a basket case. Trade with China, maybe India, Russia, the Hispanosphere, and European countries, really, the rest of the world, hasn't helped? You have to ask yourself why not and whether and how relations with the USA will benefit either nation.

  16. The establishment of normal relations with Cuba is a sign of what Our Lady and Sister Lucia warned about at Fatima--the errors of Russia now envelop the whole world and an Agenda 21 Communitarian Communism of the 21st Century is now the dominant ideology. It gives lip service to God but is all about the exaltation of man, or of a few men, namely, the ruling elite of the major players. These rulers, whether through abortion, infanticide, homofascism, or outright Communist repression, appear to have differences or conflict with each other, but all serve the enemy of mankind, a liar and murderer from the beginning. What is the answer? The consecration of Russia and the Rosary.

    Rezad por el Papa
    Rezad por la Iglesia
    Por los pecadores
    Haced penitencia
    Ave Maria...

  17. Curious Jorge, one poll after another conducted from late last year to day has found that about 70 percent of Americans favor the lifting of America's blockade of Cuba.

    A Pew Research Poll released on July 21, 2015 A.D., found that 72 percent of Americans favor the lifting of the trade embargo.

    That same poll found that 59 percent of Republicans are in favor of lifting the trade embargo.

    Among the sub-group of self-described "conservative Republicans," 55 percent favor the lifting of the trade embargo.

    A poll conducted this year in Cuba found that 96 percent of Cubans want the trade embargo lifted.

    There is overwhelming support among people in the United States and Cuba to lift the trade embargo and normalize diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba.

    The Cuban Missile Crisis and attendant policies enacted against Cuba are ancient history.

    The overwhelming majority of Americans and Cubans have moved on...unfortunately, a minority of hardcore, militant "let's-stick-it-to-Cuba" folks have not.

    But said folks are on the losing end as Americans and Cubans are brothers and sisters, created by God, and wish to embrace each other in the spirit of peace.

    Popes Saint John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Francis have led the way in that regard.

    Blessed are the Peacemakers.


    Mark Thomas

  18. It has dawned upon me as to the similarity in spirit...a hardcore, militant determination and the desire to live in the past...that is common to the minority of folks who despise His Holiness Pope Francis' efforts to forge peace between the United States and Cuba and the folks who are enraged at Pope Francis' efforts to forge peace between Rome and the SSPX.

    The anti-SSPX crowd were confident that the supposed "radical liberal" Pope Francis would hammer Bishop Fellay and the SSPX. They wanted Pope Francis to smash the SSPX...excommunicate the SSPX.

    They live in the past in regard to the SSPX. They are unable to accept that times have changed in regard to the Rome-SSPX situation. They are unable to accept that this is not 1988 A.D....this isn't 1975 A.D.

    Hearts have changed among a great many Churchmen in regard to the SSPX...but sadly, the hearts of the "let's-hammer-the-SSPX" crowd have only hardened.

    That same inability to move on exits in regard to the hardcore minority of folks who demand that the United States continue to hammer Cuba.

    Said folks have refused to move beyond October 1962 A.D. They are unable to move past the Cold War.

    Folks my age and older will recall the garbage that we were fed....that the average Russian hated us, wished to conquer us...each Cuban hated our guts and wished to harm us. I was too young then to have realized that we had been fed garbage by the War Party.

    Fortunately, I grew older and realized that the One True Holy Catholic Church and Her unyielding message of peace and dialogue was the only message to take to heart.

    The world preaches hatred and hardens hearts. Conversely, the True Church and Her Vicars of Christ preach peace and Truth.

    Therefore, in regard to the SSPX and Cuba, I will thrown in with the True Church's message of peace. I will thrown in with Popes Saint John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Francis.

    I will follow today's Vicar of Christ, His Holiness Pope Francis. I will follow him as he is the Church's Chief Shepherd on earth. He is the Roman Pontiff.

    Now, I will do to pray the Holy Rosary. I will pray for the success of Pope Francis' holy efforts to establish peace between the United States and Cuba.

    I will ignore the calls to stick it maintain an outdated blockade that has only harmed my brothers and sisters in Cuba.

    Adios to the War Party. Adios to all those who wish to stick it to people...who wish to stick it to the Cuba.

    I will follow the peaceful Vicar of Christ, His Holiness Pope Francis.

    Blessed are the Peacemakers.


    Mark Thomas

    1. Opposition to Francis has a lot more to do with the man's highhandedness and demonstrable dishonesty.

      You're welcome to live in your fantasy realm of prepared and notional Maxist Potemkinvilles

  19. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Mark Thomas,

      Go whore for Socialism so where else. This is a story about the murderous and evil Socialialist government of Cuba.

      Do you have no shame, sir?

      Get lost.

  20. Well, Tancred, I have hit the trifecta. I was bashed repeatedly during the past few months on a liberal blog for having dared to express my love of the TLM and Holy Tradition.

    The priest on the "moderate/progressive" Pray Tell blog recently told me to take a hike for my having upheld Catholic teaching via the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Council of Trent in the face of that blog's post on allowing persons others than priests to administer the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick.

    Now, on your Traditionalist blog, I have been bashed for having dared to express my Catholic loyalty for the Vicar of Christ, His Holiness Pope Francis.

    My unwavering support for the TLM was acceptable here. That makes sense as this a Catholic blog.

    My unwavering support for the following facts...The SSPX is not in schism...the SSPX is Catholic...were accepted here. That makes sense as this is a Catholic blog.

    However, my Catholic love of and loyalty to the Vicar of Christ His Holiness Pope Francis has been bashed here.

    That does not make a bit of sense on a Catholic blog.

    As a Catholic who goes back to the days of Pope Saint John XXIII, I am unable to relate that. The "pre-Vatican II" Catholic Church into which I was baptized had taught me to love and remain loyal to the Vicar of Christ.

    Sorry to disappoint certain folks here, but that is the "pre-Vatican II" teaching to which I intend to adhere.

    I will continue to love our holy Pope Francis.

    This is your blog. Delete that which you will.

    Nevertheless, I wish peace and good health to you and you family.


    Mark Thomas

    1. Your comments were undertaken to praise an evil Socialist regime in a thread that should be about loyal Catholics in Cuba being persecuted and in this case, murdered. So I don't care if you like lace albs and baroque fiddlebacks with incense and have a shrine to Cardinal Ottaviani... you're clearly a man with an agenda which has more in common with the folks over at Gay, Tell than a faithful Catholic one.

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  22. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  23. Feel free to remove this post.

    As you know, here is the undeniable bottom line in regard to Cuba:

    America's 50+ year old policy toward Cuba has failed miserably. You know that. You are unable to argue against that.

    America's failed policy in question has only strengthened Castro's grip on Cuba. That is undeniable. You are aware of that reality.

    Therefore, here are our options in regard to Cuba.

    1. Continue as is. Not gonna happen. There is overwhelming support among Americans, Cubans...staunch normalize relations with Cuba.

    2. Invade Cuba...overthrow Castro. Not a chance. Besides, with our track record, we will only install thugs worse than the Castro regime.

    Therefore, here are the only remaining options.

    3. Normalize relations with Cuba...allow the secularists to control the whatever remains of the Church in Cuba all but disappear.

    4. As relations with Cuba will be normalized...follow the lead of the Holy See. Work as much with possible with Cuba to secure as much freedom as possible for the Church in Cuba.

    From there, the Church at least has the opportunity to influence Cuban society when relations are normalized. That is the only chance to prevent Cuba from falling into almost total secularization once the process of normalization occurs...and normalized relations with Cuba will occur.

    You know that. You know that your sledge hammer approach to Cuba is old, tired, and about to become ancient history. You know that you are on the losing end of this argument.

    Therefore, the only option for a sentient adult is number 4,

    Now, Tancred, hit the delete button as you know deep down that you are incapable of assailing the above rational approach.

    Adios to your failed, soon-to-become-ancient-history-hammer-away-at-Cuba policy.

    Hola to the True Church's Christ-like approach to Cuba.

    Deo gratias for Popes Saint John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Francis for having laid the groundwork to secure the opportunity to grant peace for the Church and Faithful in Cuba.

    Blessed are the Peacemakers.


    Mark Thomas

    1. Your latest post is incoherent.

      Your writing shows more concern about the USA recognizing Cuba than it does about the persecuted Church there. Again, there is trade with other countries, so the US embargo could not be a cause of "Castro's strengthened grip." (Democrat mayors in big cities all over the USA have "tight grips" on their fiefdoms as well, even though they have free trade with the rest of the USA.)

      Then you worry about the Church in Cuba disappearing, which worry is all to the good, but your term "whatever remains..." betrays a mindset that doesn't seem to have much regard for the current Church there, and your later comments suggest that in your mind the Church can only matter if relations are normalized. You seem to be hiding behind the Church in justifying full relations with Cuba.

      Your line "soon-to-become-ancient-history-hammer-away-at-Cuba policy" is simply bizarre. The Persians and the Romans Just to name 2 well known ancient empires, hammered many a small enemy and many a treacherous patron state into oblivion.

  24. It is a lie (offered without backing) that the majority of conservatives and Cuban-Americans support the lifting of the embargo. This is sheer liberal fantasy---but, hey, when did truth or reality matter to leftists, in all their miserable degrees? The master of this blog does what he can to block these agents provocateurs (I suspect it is only one under various names), but it really is getting ugly and distasteful to have to even look at their Stalinist disinformation and their sheer vulgarity. Best regards, RC