Saturday, August 8, 2015

It Should Have Been the Largest Bloodbath of Christians -- Jihadist Shoots Himself in the Foot

Massacre of Christians Prevented in France
(Paris) He wanted to inflict the biggest massacre on Christians in France. The attack was held on Sunday,  April 19. Sid Ahmed Ghlam stood ready, armed with a Kalashnikov to penetrate during the Sunday Mass in the Catholic Church of Villejuif. His goal: to kill hundreds of Christians. Then the jihadist accidentally shot  himself in the foot ...
On April 19,  an emergency call center was contacted.  A man asked for help. "I'm outdoors. I've been shot in the foot," the duty officer in the emergency center carefully asked for a clarification:  "Shot in the foot! With a gun? "

Bombers had Chosen Two Churches in Villejuif Near Paris

It is hard to imagine what would happen to would not undermine the Islamic terrorists Sid Ahmed Ghlam the misfortune.The 24 year old Muslim Sid Ahmed Ghlam comes from Algeria and was planning on that Sunday, April 19, 2015 to storm  the Catholic church Sainte Therese of Villejuif in Val de Marne south of Paris. He had two chosen among the churches of Villejuif, Saint Therese and Saint Cyr-Sainte Julitte. He wanted to cause a bloodbath like the Islamist militia Boko Haram in Nigeria and al-Shabaab in Kenya. Wanted, with the difference that Sid Ahmed Ghlam would wreak carnage in the middle of Europe and therefore attract a lot more attention. He named his assassination target even after his arrest.
Three months after the "prevented" assassination   the daily newspaper Le Monde reported the background.
As Sid Ahmed Ghlam was brought bleeding from an ambulance to the hospital, arrived and police. Then it happened in quick succession. The police followed the trail of blood and went to his car. In the vehicle they found a Kalashnikov, two pistols, a bulletproof vest and written evidence of a planned assassination, including accurate location information to the two churches of Villejuif.

Murder of young mother Aurelie Chatelain

He is accused of the murder of 32 year old Aurelie Chatelain, mother of a five year-old daughter. Chatelain had been shot and then set on fire in her car. When the police found the charred body, initially a robbery was suspected.  Meanwhile, the investigators believe that Chatelain had to die because Ghlam mistook her for a police officer in plain clothes.
Ghlam claims meanwhile, to have nothing to do with the murder of Chatelain. He confirmed that an attack had been planned at the church, but wanted another person present at the scene to commit,  which was prevented. He had suffered the gunshot wound.
When the police carried out a house search at the home  address of Ghlam, they found three Kalashnikovs and other bulletproof vests. Who had armed him? According to Le Monde, Sid Ahmed Ghlam was "remote controlled from Syria" to the last detail. His direct contact man was a French citizen of Toulouse, who had converted to Islam and has joined the battle of the Islamic State (IS) in 2014 in Syria. Previously, he was incarcerated in France five years in prison for supporting terrorism. Ghlam also maintained contacts with Mohammed Merah,  Islamic terrorist, who committed three separate attacks in Toulouse and Montauban on March 2012 in which three French soldiers, a Jewish rabbi, whose two children and the daughter of the Jewish headmaster were killed. Another soldier survived, seriously injured, as well as a 17 year old Jewish student. On March 22, the Islamist bomber was located ​​and killed.

Islamist network in Europe: contacts with assassins of Paris, Toulouse, Montauban and Nice

2013/2014 Ghlam lived in Reims. His apartment was only a few meters away from that of  Saïd Kouachi, one of the two bombers to the editors of Charlie Hebdo.
In addition to handlers in the Middle East  three additional personas have helped Sid Ghlam in opbtaining  the arsenal.  One of them, Rabah R., is known  to the French secret service as an "old acquaintance". Several times he was questioned in connection with the Islamic terrorism. The other two men were not yet known to the security forces. As it turned out, they were close to Moussa Coulibaly who had attacked three French soldiers last February in Nice, and had contacts with a Moroccan jihadist group.
In the home of Sid Ahmed Ghlam the police discovered documents proving connections to other people in the Islamist network. Sid Ahmed Ghlam is just one of the ticking time bombs who is preparing, under  the protection of Europe's legal and social order, a  cathartic terror act. The attack on the church in Villejuif should have caused many more deaths than the assassination of the editor of the satirical leftist weekly Charlie Hebdo. At the church selected by Ghlam, 300 people participate in Holy Mass every Sunday.
In  2001, he came for the first time with his family to France. In 2003 he returned to Algeria. After finishing school, he moved in 2010 in the wake of "family reunification," all the way to France.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Tempi
Trans: Tancred


  1. He wanted to shoot dozens of Christians ,but had to call an ambulance when he accidently shot himself in the foot ,that was no accident that was a act of God

  2. Pray for The Holy Kingdom of France.

  3. I'm very skeptical. The incident happened at Villejuif....we don't need to guess what that means. My interpretation is the incident was planned by the state apparatus with the intention of causing psychological trauma to Christians, while at same time signaling to 'those in the know' that they had nothing to fear.
    However, within about 5 years the Muslim population of France will be 25% and growing, and the real rulers of France the Masonic Grand Orient will use the jihadists to complete the diabolical plan of 1793.
    Barring a miracle or divine intervention France is finished along with large parts of Western Europe. An outcome the Vatican seems to think is just great!.

    1. That's a great conspiracy. Where do you get your information on this? I'd like to know.

    2. Bill, it isn't hard 'information' just a bit of guesswork inspired by historian Anthony Hoffman's research into what he describes as "revelation of the method".
      Guessing aside, one thing is almost certain, the 2 or 3 elite groupings who rule France sponsored Muslim immigration to use as their chosen tool in destroying Christianity.

    3. Bill, you might do well to read and analyze some history. The false flag has been in play frequently recently a tactic think of Oklahoma City, 9/11, if you want to go further back you can look at the sinking of the Maine in Cuba.. And of course the standard defense/offensive tactic used by the employers of the false flag is always the same "oh, you're just a bunch of kooky conspiracy nutters". Okay, sure, they're right and we'll believe that just as soon as we believe jet fuel can melt steel beams.

    4. Sometimes a nutter is just a nutter.

  4. Bill/ G: There are a lot of people who want to downplay the threat posed by Islam.

    This who affair was reported in the Newspapers and in the context of other attacks by Islamists in France as reported in the story.

  5. I'm surprised he chose a church to attempt this "biggest massacre of Christians."

    Sunday, Catholic Church, France, A.D. 2015.

    Those facts don't add up to lots of people.

    How many was he trying to kill? The five people who go to Mass on Sundays there?

  6. If he wants a "big massacre," then it's going to need to be more than the half a dozen old ladies who show up for Mass on a Sunday in France, if the church is even open, that is.

    1. if you read the article you'd see that 300 regularly attend Holy Mass on Sundays in this parish. Do you know something about the makeup of the parish we don't know?