Sunday, December 21, 2014

Pope Appoints New Post-Evangelist to Camerlengo

Edit: he's not fond of evangelism, among so many other things. Cardinal Tauran replaces Cardinal Bertone - A Camerlengo has important role in preparing the papal election in the conclave. In the election of Pope Francis, Tauran has already announced the Pope and his papal name.

Vatican City ( The French Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran (71) has been appointed by Pope Francis to "Camerlengo of the Holy Roman Church". Thus after a Pope leaves from office by resignation or death, play a key role in the Vatican until the election of a successor. The Camerlengo (Chamberlain) is responsible for preparations for the election of a pope in the conclave and the administration of the papal estate while the Holy See is vacant.

Tauran has, since 2007, been President of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue. He had announced the name of Pope Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio on the balcony of St. Peter's Basilica on 13 March-2013. Tauran succeeds Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone. It was the last official title that the former Cardinal Secretary of State, who was 80 years in December, still held in the Vatican.

For Vice Camerlengo Francis appointed the head of the papal diplomatic academy, Archbishop Giampiero Gloder. Pope FRANCIS - The first event of the new pontificate: Habemus Papam, greeting the people in St. Peter's Square, prayer and blessing Copyright 2014 Catholic News Agency KATH PRESS, Vienna, Austria All rights reserved Link to

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  1. I guess we will have to wait for another day to have a Catholic appointed to such an important position in the Church.

  2. Maybe (Hopefully) Pope Francis doesn't think he'll be around much longer, and quickly filled this position.

    Tauran himself is ill....with progressive Parkinson's Disease (not not as severe as the form that afflicted John Paul II).
    The liberal radical anti-Benedict XVI Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini SJ (Bergoglio's hero), died of it too.

  3. So what? Another couple of years and we'll have another emeritus bishop? This is the reason why the boR still has his argentinian passport and not the papal one? Why did he accept the papal nomination, for doing what, the final destruction? My God, even worse and worse as time goes by.God bless+

  4. Sure the last 50 years have been a catastrophic nightmare that will take 10 decades to correct.I am sure the next anti-pope will be so much better than every joke since John XXIII.