Thursday, April 3, 2014

Has Cardinal Schönborn Left the Catholic Church in Pectore Already

In an interview with "Die Presse" journalist Nowak Cardinal Schönborn has replaced the cross by a seven-branched candle holder of the Jewish B'nai B'rith lodge.

Has the Archbishop of Vienna, Schoenborn "caught" the false confession?

The Cross

The Catholic Church has a strong sense of the setting of symbols, gestures and actions. In the Holy Mass, they stand pars pro toto , hints describe the whole, the unspoken. In particular, in the liturgy before its denaturing by the evil spirit of Vatican II, the individual acts and gestures have been thought important.
Not coincidentally  "simple" clerics (and certainly bishops and cardinals) attend the cross that is just perceptible in the public pictures of them, which is seen as a guide in the best sense of the word.

Schönborn's Seven-branched Candlestick of the Jewish B'nai B'rith lodge

Not so with Cardinal Schönborn: In a conversation with the editor of the Viennese daily "Die Presse" of 25 March 2014 for the ORF   “someone” had chosen as an image background something other than the expected cross, but a sparkling seven-branched candle holder.
The number seven, however, does not point out that it is seven spirits before the throne of God (Rev 1,4), rather it is here referring to the seven-branched candlestick, which the Archbishop, himself the son of a Freemason, received  as a "special appreciation" from the Jewish Loge B’nai Brith   in late October 2013.
“As luck would have it" Cardinal Schönborn wanted to curry favor even when "Press" editor in chief Nowak, who refused military service and had done instead performed civil service at the extreme left-wing "Documentation Archive of the Austrian Resistance”.  He's likely me much less brave representatives of the Church.

Schönborn: Christ had "deserved the death penalty ..."

The partisanship for Jewish interests is also evident in his essay "Judaism and Christianity" in "The Jewish Echo", Vol 46, pp. 15 ff here represents Cardinal Schönborn the right positivist view that it was "undeniable" that Christ has "by the applicable laws deserved the death penalty ... [for blasphemy] ."
Eminence, have your interpretation by then - in an analog to legal positivist thinking - maybe  the Jews had "earned"  the legal consequences of legal validity as subsisting in Nuremberg Race Laws  or here is perhaps  a logical fallacy on your part?

"Excessively" Evil Christians and the “Terrible" Question of Who is Christ

Cardinal Schönborn mentioned in this article, there was indeed a persecution of Christians by Jews, only they were "rewarded in abundance" by the Christians:
"The more it broke [the question of who Jesus was] from the outside in, booming, full of terror, spreading fear  and often death. In the memoirs of the rabbi's son David Tulman I read,” writes Cardinal Schönborn, that for his own - and for how many Jews over how many generations! - Good Friday was a terrible day. To him it came with pogroms, they were the 'murderers of God', who were the 'perfidious' Jews who crucified Jesus, who were persecuted by the riotous Christians."

Hands-on anti-Catholicism: "perfidious" instead of "faithless"?

The Archbishop of Vienna, used here not by chance the name, 'perfide Juden', mixing Latin with German and gives here the pejorative smell of perfidy to the  traditional Good Friday prayers for the conversion of the "perfidious Jews" ("Oremus et pro perfidis Judaeis") that just means something completely different than infidelity.

Weird - No Blessing by Christianity?

“It is not infrequently encountered  by Christians on the seriously flawed statement that Jesus proclaimed a loving Father God instead of the Old Testament God of wrath - a sign of how deeply the anti-Jewish furrows are dug in Christian soil,”  Cardinal Schönborn would have gone further.
The Archbishop of Vienna "dared" "the statement ..., Christianity is reminded by Judaism of its  order to be a bearer of blessings  for all peoples," and ". Anti-Judaism is therefore infidelity to God."
Only one must ask why the theocracy of Israel locks out  parts of the Muslim population on Jewish high holidays by the "blessing" of access restrictions.


- Is Cardinal Schoenborn Really an Apron Chaser? [English]

Trans: Tancred


    1. I think it is overt.

    2. From over here in the U.S. it seems that many Germans are self-loathing in the extreme over WWII. There is a tremendous need to demonstrate they are not *those* Germans. Okay, I guess I get that. But there seems to be a trend in the Catholic hierarchy to want to elevate Judaism to the level of Catholicism, if not higher. Establishing bona fides of tolerance, interreligious dialogue, and defensive public relations are all reasons up to a point (not necessarily good reasons, but reasons). Isn't this the same Cardinal of balloon masses and other extra-Catholic excursions?


      There are many Jewish converts to the one true Faith whose faces he spits. He would tell them to go back to their roots and be without Christ.

      I think he's one of those many well-intentioned bishops whose skulls light the way to Hell.

    4. Heretyk!(heretic) Greetings from Catholic Poland!

    5. Heretic and freemason! Greetings from Canada!

    6. Judío, masón y traidor a Cristo.