Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Signs of the Time: Decline of the West in Sweden

Such Apostolic Vigor!
Edit: Sweden has just elected Uppsala's first female "bishop".  How underwhelming. These people may not have any credibility, but they control the buildings and generally have a great deal of support from the morally vacuous nation of Sweden. She has absolutely no conviction in her stated position as a Christian leader. There are a few other things which go without saying here.

[Political Refugee From The Global Village] On October 1, four candidates to be Archbishop of Uppsala, the highest position in the (Lutheran) Church of Sweden, were interviewed by church officials in front of the media and, among other questions, were asked, “Does Jesus provide a truer picture of God than Muhammad?” Only one of the candidates said that He does. (This candidate came second.) The woman who got the job, Antje Jackelén, answered: 
“One cannot reduce the whole of religious theology, that is to say the question of how different religions relate to one another, to a yes-and-no question. It amounts to doing violence to a wealth of knowledge and experience that can be found there.”
I would have thought the question could easily have been answered skirting the subject of Muhammad altogether and talking about the divinity of Jesus. Even Hans Kung would agree that Jesus is essential to salvation.

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  1. Just as it had been before and during Prophet Daniel's times - abomination of desolation with women entering the sacred places.

  2. 'doing violence" how little she has understood the bitter irony of her own words.