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SSPX: Some Details From the Two Hour Long Discussion

If the problem could be solved by a signature, no one would refuse to sign.
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for South American District
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(, Vatican) The most recent letter to the Society of St. Pius X from the CDF renewed its request for the General Superior of the Society, Bishop Bernard Fellay, to sign the Dogmatic Preamble.

This was according to Andrea Tornielli at ''.

The signature of the Preamble is a precondition for the canonical reconciliation.

Tonrielli speculates that Msgr Fellay has been playing for time up until now without breaking the dialog with the Vatican off completely.

On the contrary, the Pope wants clear conditions.

On Friday Msgr Fellay spoke for two hours with the Prefect of the Congregation for Doctrine and the Faith, Cardinal William Levada, as well as the Secretary of the Commission of Ecclesia Dei, Prelate Guido Pozzo.

Msgr Fellay was accompanied by his chief assistant, Father Alain-Marc Nely.

The Church has thrown the Traditional Faith Overboard

The Society Bishop explained, says Tornielli, that the Society has no problem signing with the initial Professio fidei -- Profession of Faith .

Additionally, it recognizes principles represented in the Preamble.

The problem consists not in the principles, rather in their application.

The Church fails in fidelity to the Magisterium -- explained Msgr Fellay, according to Tornielli.

Recognition is in the Drawer

The Vaticanist reported still further that for the Society, in case they accept the Preamble, are ready to complete an offer with a Canonical Structure of an Institute.

It would allow the Society a status of complete independence from the Bishops, which protection is enjoyed by no other traditional group.

There are Effectively Two Different Religions

Tornielli suspects that the problem with reconicliation is not in the text of the Preamble but also as a result of disunity within the Society.

The majority, inclusive of the General Superior, want unity with Rome.  They recognize the primacy of the Papacy with its government as being central to the Faith.

A strong minority of the Society are against the reconciliation.   They call on Rome to finally convert.

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  1. I believe that a canonical agreement between the SSPX and Rome at this point of time may prove disastrous for the SSPX's resistance to the modernist errors.

  2. I agree with Br. Anthony!

    The Pope not too long ago went to Assisi 3 which is a very bad sign and if you don't think so I suggest you listen to the late John Cotter's audios on Syncretism at :

    I especially recommend Fr. Villa's magazine on Vatican II

    "I believe there will come a day
    when Vatican II will be declared
    “null and void” in a solemn judgment
    of the Supreme Pontiff.
    It will then appear as an anomalous stone,
    abandoned at the back of a cemetery."

    Fr. Luigi Villa Th. D.

  3. The Vaticanist reported still further that for the Society, in case they accept the Preamble, are ready to complete an offer with a Canonical Structure of an Institute.

    The original text doesn't say anything about the particular canonical structure to be offered (apart from the fact that it will provide independence from bishops). It uses the word "institute" as an alternate reference to the FSSPX (for which it usually uses the word "fraternity"). It is basically the same as the common practice of calling the FSSPX a "society" in English.

  4. The Society can do much more to bring Rome back to Her senses if she is fully regularised.
    There would be no compromise with the Faith if that is done and most importantly the SSPX could validly absolve sins and witness marriages.
    Always a good thing.

  5. The Society does a lot more to defend Rome's honor in Germany than then entire German Episcopate. It's not saying much in one sense, but it's saying a whole lot in others.

    Apparently, people are saying that Pope Benedict's patience is wearing thin. Sounds like projection to me.

    These neo-cons were working against the Indult chapel before Summorum Pontificum, and their working against the SSPX now.

    They're going to have to swallow a lot of crow if the SSPX is given the kind of portfolio it looks like they're going to get.

  6. But the SSPX can already validly administer the Sacraments.

    1. Oh no, they administer those two Sacraments validly as well. It is called "supplied jurisdiction".