Monday, September 5, 2011

Liberal Irish Archbishop Continues His Quest for Church "Reform"

Edit: When he's not campaigning for  global warming hysteria, he's campaigning for moral panic, and the severing of the Irish Church from Rome.

He still doesn't have a Cardinal's hat, either.
After going to Wiki, there were all kinds of questionable statements from this man.   One of the more indicative points of view he suffers, is that he ignores that eighty percent of the cases of clerical abuse in the Catholic Church were homosexual in nature. The Archbishop basically covers his politically correct bases, from the delusional:

In 2005 Archbishop Martin, said that being gay should not prevent a man becoming a Catholic priest. "You don't write off a candidate for the priesthood simply because he is a gay man,
And the patently false:

But, he noted, "you cannot identify homosexuality with paedophilia". He said that paedophilia is "not the result of homosexuality, nor is it a result of celibacy"[2][Source

On Civil  Unions:

" He also said that while the Catholic Church favoured marriage, "it is not against other forms of intimacy" [Source]".

He is basically in the same boat as Cardinal Schönborn, "helping" with the priest shortage by promoting lay involvement, soft-peddling homosexuality if not pedaling for it.

But we warned two years ago that this Archbishop's crocodile tears were about another agenda.  Actually, we're pretty certain it has to do with an eventual Schism of the Irish Church, abetted by Enda Kenny and an assault on the Altar.

We won't deny that there's a cabal in the Vatican and other parts of the Church as he suggests, but it is more than obvious that Archbishop Kenny has more interest in forming a more independent, lay run, state sponsored establishment than he has in representing the truths of the Catholic Faith itself.  He'll continue to pretend to be the good guy, and the anti-Catholic press will continue to support him.

Sunday September 04 2011

The Archbishop of Dublin Dr Diarmuid Martin has admitted that "a cabal" protecting clerical sex abusers may be operating at the highest levels in the Catholic Church.
Dr Martin said: "There may be a cabal in Cloyne. They may have friends in other parts of the Irish Church. They may have friends in Irish society. There may be friends in the Vatican."
Asked yesterday who was preventing the protection of children, he said: "The numbers that are involved in this are few. The damage that these people cause is horrendous. It's for all of us to see where they are, but in the long term I have to take the responsibility that in Dublin there are not cabals who reject our child protection

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  1. "a more independent, lay run, state sponsored establishment than he has in representing the truths of the Catholic Faith itself."

    Maybe he should just swim the Thames.