Saturday, September 25, 2010

I don't See Christ, I see Bread: Ecumenical Service In Switzerland

Naturally, a Reformed lay preacher doesn't believe in the Eucharist. Never the less, the old liberal Gaga-Priest brought him to receive and distribute communion.

[, Bern] On Swiss Thank-, Penance- and Prayer Day, which occurs on 19th of September, Father Gregor Tolusso (45) held a ceremony with the Reform Minister, Manfred Stuber, at the Trinity church in Bern.

The Liturgical Abuse was carried live by "Swiss Television".

Stuber is the leader of the Reformed Holy-Ghost-Church in Bern. The Trinity Parish is the largest community in the Diocese of Basel.

Sacrilege in the light of day

The protestant handled the preaching after the Consecration. Lay preachers are expressly forbidden during a New Mass.

For the Canon Father Tolusso used a text which he'd prepared himself. He even broke the Host before the Consecration.

At the Our Father the Reform Minister and driveled something about "freedom in diversity".

After the kiss of peace Father Tolusso said: "Whoever has heard and agrees with the invitation of Jesus to come to his table, as we have just prayed, may receive Communion."

After that, the Priest gave the Reform Minister Communion. The has been cut out of the video by "Swiss Television".

It is clearly visible, how the Reformed received the Chalice with the Blood of Christ.

Stuber took the Chalice and acted as a Eucharistic Minister in the choir area.

Later Stuber grabbed a ciborium and served communion in the hand to the Mass visitors.

Secular Priest makes bad for the camera

After the New Mass Father Tolusso and Stuber gave a common interview to 'Swiss Television'.

The secular Priest, Tolusso, presented himself for the interview in chasuble and stole.

Stuber explained to the camera that this is the first time he'd ever celebrated a New Mass (neugläubigen).

Father Tolusso published the lie that the lay preaching, which is forbidden, "is not a new form".

The ecumenical abuse is, according to him, a "long tradition".

Father Tolusso mentioned Stuber's predecessors during his preaching for the Eucharistic Celebration.

At least the Reformed [Minister] was honorable

In the next year the Pastor will celebrate the protestant "Lord's Supper" on Penance and Bed Day in the Reformed church.

He'll have to present a sermon for this event.

Fr. Tolusso maintains, in any case, that there are "differences" with the Reformed "Christians". As examples he named the Papacy, the Hierarchy and the understanding of the Sacraments.

But then, the clueless Pastor said: "If a Reformed Christian can say 'yes' to a Christian understanding, then he can participate in the Catholic Eucharist."

"Is he then still Reformed" -- asked the moderator and turned to the Reformed Minister.

Stuber explained, that he could not consent to the Catholic understanding of the Eucharist. He understands the Lord's Supper as only symbolic: "I don't see Christ. I see bread."

Better to part company than be wishy washy

In conversation Fr Tolusso there was mentioned several times a supposed "separation".

He discovered a -- dishonorable-- "Consensus theology, which has come about in the last ten years," right. He would not want only to be considered to be separated "by a theology of dissent" -- he droned:

"The greatest tragedy is separation and not the Eucharistic hospitality."

What he misappropriates: The separation is based in the Protestant denial of the Holy Mass.

Father Tolusso also understands the new Mass (neugläubige Eucharistie) as a "symbol of community".

The Eucharist may not be used "for dividing" -- he said, without implying a massive attack against the Protestants.

The reception of Communion without the Catholic Faith is something he sees as the allgeded "sustenance on the way to unity".

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Website Designing Company USA said...

Excuse me, but what do you mean that Reformed lay don't believe in the Eucharist?

Rather, the Reformed and Catholics don't have the same understanding of the Eucharist. It would be wrong for a Reformed minister to participate in the Catholic Eucharist, but this blogger has a very sloppy way of expressing things that only causes more trouble.

Tancred said...

Website Designing Company USA:

It's not apparent what you're asking. Of course, Reformed "Christians" don't believe in the Eucharist, which is the real presence of the "body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ".

Why bid the devil hello by assuming there's a problem when you just don't understand what's going on?

David Casper said...

Web USA, I think the problems we see here are likely a result of awkward translation of the article into English. However, Reformed Christians still don't believe in the True Presence, cannot concelebrate Mass, and should not be part of a travesty such as this.

Tancred said...

The Reformed Minister received and gave Communion as a Eucharistic Minister, then after the fact, during the interview, after Father droned about not wanting to be separated by the Minister's "theology of dissent", the Protestant (Read, Calvinist, Reformed) Minister, admitted quite honorably, that he doesn't see Jesus, but only "bread".

Recall back to the Protestant Revolt when Zwingli debated Luther about whether or not the bread was really or symbolically Christ.

This is clearly another case of false unity in the name of further running down the truths of the Catholic Faith.

Tancred said...

@David, thanks for the criticism. We endeavored to make the translation clearer, considering the confusion with the concept of "Reformed" and Protestant.

CF Mathews said...

Indeed, these sacrileges cannot be tolerated. I once attended a retreat where the celebrant of the Mass invited all to receive the Holy Eucharist, whether or not they were Catholic. I wrote to the bishop and did get a favorable response.

Everything you need to know about a priest is shown in the way he performs a consecration. If he is casual about it, I would question the validity of the Mass-no, I'm not kidding.