Karfreitag am Institut Sankt Philipp Neri in Berlin
Good Friday at the Institute of St. Philip Neri in Berlin

(Kreuz.net) Provost Gerald Goesch today celebrates the traditional feast of Christ the King for his silver Jubilee.

He was ordained a priest 25 years ago in Rome by the Old Liberal Archbishop Oscar Saier († 2008) from Freiburg.

Later he served as parish administrator of the 2,500 population community in the diocese of St. Pölten in Blindenmarkt.

There he assisted the Catholic Congregation of 'Servi et Mariae Jesus' form their General house.

He then worked as an associate priest of the SSPX, and built a church for them in Berlin.

He also helped the Old-Rite Church in the 8000-population district Köllerbach in Saarland toward canonical recognition.

In place of gifts, the Dean solicits donations for the Oratory he founded St. Philip Neri-Institute in Berlin.

The papal society of apostolic life was established in 2004 and currently consists of four priests, of whom two reside in Berlin.

The tasks of the apostolate of the Institute include adoration, confession, catechism and sacred music under the exclusive use of the old liturgy - which stresses unity with the Pope and the universal Church.

There is a shrine to the Divine Mercy. in the dormitory of the Institute.

In recent years, the church and a house was purchased. They correspond to the present needs of an oratory of St. Philip Neri.

These investments, however, brought the Institute into serious financial problems.

The situation is serious but not hopeless.

The merry provost - who has difficulties with community life as well - trusts in the providence of God and the generosity of the faithful.

With a donation of five million euros, all of the financial problems of the community of priests would be solved.

Then, the conversion of the Godless decadence of Berlin still awaits.

This is a Herculean task, even for the young candidates for the priesthood who must certainly enter the Oratorian Community, to consecrate their lives to the service of God for the soul of neighbor.

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