Friday, February 26, 2021

Fauci in hot water

Using the DeathVax to euthanize a busload of Lapel Pill Nuns??  These gals have been watching too much TV and now put their faith in needles.

Things aren't going well in the Netherlands.


  1. Trust me, the Chinese Cold virus has the
    💩 scared out of those old nuns.

  2. There's a profound statement to be made about elderly nuns in civies, locked up for months, taking the deathvax, only to die of Covid anyway? I just can't articulate it. Tancred??
    I wonder if any of these ladies thought to ask for the sacraments?

  3. You know? I think the only face that can come close to Mad Magazine's "Alfred E. NEUMANN" is

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  5. Jake Allnotsobright...."Get vaxssssssssssssinated...."

    there...fixed it for ya.

  6. Hey EF 🌸
    Leave Constatine’s comments up. They’re as dumb as Biben’s. No need to pull a Zuckerberg. Did you see where that prick said he won’t take the prick?

  7. +508,000 dead Americans can't be wrong. Get vaccinated.

    1. Jake that's .001% of the country.. Check these odds of death...

      Heart disease 1 in 6
      Cancer 1 in 7
      All preventable causes of death 1 in 25
      Chronic lower respiratory disease 1 in 26
      Suicide 1 in 86
      Opioid overdose 1 in 98
      Car crash 1 in 106
      Fall 1 in 111
      Gun assault 1 in 298
      Pedestrian accident 1 in 541

      Yes Jake my friend all those much higher odds of you dying from each.

      Stop drinking the Fauci Kool-Aid Jake or you better just stay inside and worry yourself to death!! That's guaranteed!

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  9. The death toll is now close to 510,000.
    If you want to avoid the same, get vaccinated.

  10. Jake I gotta say your intelligence is showing....

  11. Dr. Maureen CassidyFebruary 28, 2021 at 6:45 AM

    Covid Lockdown is the closest thing these “nuns” have known to cloister in the past six decades!

  12. Jake NotSoBright

  13. Jake NotsoBright the superspreader of lies.

  14. 515,000. Get yourself immunized. Trump strongly advised it at the Orlando conference. After all, the world wouldn't have the vaccines but for him. He's had the shot, so why not you?

  15. When the media can no longer keep a lid on the danger ⚠️ of the vaccine, it’ll become known as The Trump Vaccine. All the experts said we couldn’t have one this fast, it violates the Nuremberg Code, wasn’t tested on animals etc. blah blah

    Spread the word: don’t take The TRUMP Vaccine!

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  17. Mark Shea says get the vaccine. Good enough for me.

  18. That death number is an absolute LIE. Johns Hopkins would differ with that number and so would OS Medical, as well as THOUSANDS of doctors and scientist worldwide. Do some research before opening your mouth and doing the Devil’s work. Pray for the grace and humility to cease being such a sad, sorry little bastard.

  19. The total is now well over 520,000 Americans killed by COVID-19. These are CDC figures. Tough when people believe their own propaganda! But if you don't trust the CDC, then follow the example of Trump and Melania. They took their shots in early January before their eviction from the WH. They, their families, entourages and 520,000 Americans can't be wrong.

  20. Just proves even Trump is smarter than his followers. Take the shot and where your dam mask!