Monday, November 23, 2020

Proof Trump Will Win!


Dieter Mohr said...

306: Joe Biden wins.
Come along Jan 20 just to confirm the diagnosis of collective cognitive dissonance.

Steph said...

There are too many people who would have to go to jail on this one. I suspect Trump will quietly be told to concede or else something will happen to his grandchildren. These people are that evil.

Anonymous said...

Look how many of the Tribe are already pitching tents around the White House.

Yellen- Treasury
Blinkin- State
Kerry- Climate Envoy
Emhoff- "Second Husband"

"Swamp", indeed. And this is only November.

Matt Mathetes said...

Trump plays golf, Melania dusts off the pre-nuptial, the White House staff go job hunting, the QAnon crowd return to prepping full time while the GSA acknowledges the Biden electoral victory victory. Now the world can return to a measure of equilibrium after Captain Chaos prepares for divorce court, bankruptcy and thousands of court cases.
God is good.

JBQ said...

There is an incident out of Missouri where the governor, Michael Parson, had a private investigator put GPS tracking equipment on the cars of two of his staff. Ostensibly, it was to find out if the male and female were involved with each other.----There was a lawyer who handled this, John Wall. I trace this same lawyer to 2010 and a case in which I asked as a mandated reporter for an investigation of white female teacher colleagues who were allegedly involved with black female students in after school programs.---I was sued for 500,000.00 by two separate white female teachers who alleged "defamation of character". I sent an anonymous letter and they were able to guess who wrote it asking for an investigation. I had a very good attorney and it became obvious that as a mandated reporter I was obligated to pass on suspicions.----I spent 20,000.00 on legal fees and this very good attorney was able to sue a union for 10,000.00 in insurance. These are evil people.----The point is that the governor of Missouri was being watched by an "international Jewish conspiracy". This particular lawyer was a partner with another Jewish individual. This other individual was the son of a Jewish attorney who could only practice in New York State . He is now a top union official with the AFT locally. He has a direct line to Randi Weingarten in NYC who is married to a Jewish rabbi.---The son can practice in Missouri and has an office in a building in the St. Louis County seat which also houses the lawyer in question. This lawyer in question has links to a company which specializes in surveillance technology.----This lawyer graduated law school in 2010 at the age of 31. He is an international traveler a la James Bond. The cover is a parachute diving school.---Now, there is a turnover at CBS St. Louis where the new station manager is a Jewish individual who also is a world traveler who belongs to various parachute diving organizations.---The former station manager is named Murphy. He and his staff were sent packing. Meanwhile, the investigation of the "bugging" of the governor is now in the hands of the new Jewish oriented staff.----In 2018, Eric Greitens who is Jewish was overthrown through a complex situation involving a kept woman and a private investigator. It stands to reason that this same investigator was part of the involvement of this current surveillance of the current governor.----I also claim that the turnover at CBS St. Louis which is similar to that at Fox News through the wife of one of the sons of Rupert Murdock presaged the "great reset" of the "modern day great train robbery". CBS knew that this was coming and removed any and all staff who would have squawked big time at the chain of events. Everyone involved with this curent case involving the governor of Missouri is Jewish.

Anonymous said...

The Jewish Institute for National Security of America has given it's full approval of Linda Thomas-Greenfield as U.N. Ambassador.
I am so relieved that they approve.

James said...

Before conservatives get too comfortable with "Newsmax" as a replacement for Fox, it should be noted that Mark Halperin who used to be a darling on MSNBC is now one of their correspondents.
Synagogue members always play both sides of the fence.

Tancred said...

I dislike Newsmax as well.

Anonymous said...

Newsmax is controlled opposition.
S.Malzberg is an anti-European
chosen one with a microphone.