Friday, November 6, 2020

He would know

Hey Blogo, you're an amateur.


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  2. Like attending an Anatomy class lecture by Jack the Ripper.

  3. Payback.
    Trump pardoned Blago.

    1. He was innocent. Can’t imagine why he’d turn on the DNC.

  4. He’s not completely without conscience

  5. Pico Della MirandolaNovember 7, 2020 at 12:28 PM

    Now there'll be four years of pearl clutching and the vapors for the Fox News/NY Post Trump Entitlement Party.
    Head for the couch boys and girls.

  6. "After four years of racism, misogyny and narcissism in the White House, we look forward to a dignified, honest leader who might restore a level of respect for the office and for our nation. It's clear that Biden believes in something bigger than himself." - National Catholic Reporter editorial 11/08/2020.

  7. Just a reminder. Blago is Serbian Orthodox. The Madigans did a hatchet job on him. Madigan dad is still the Speaker of the House in Illinois. The daughter just was replaced as Attorney General.---Jonathan Turley who is a contributor to Fox News and a law school professor stated that he grew up in Chicago. He said that his dead relatives voted for many years. He said that the problem is that the evidence is just not there.---It is noted that 96% of the media in America is controlled by those of the Jewish faith. These are the same forces which put the Bolshevik Revolution in motion and killed the czar. Masons organized the French Revolution which is essentially the same group.----The Pharisees killed the Christ. The anti Christ according to Fulton J. Sheen will come from this same tradition. Joe Stalin was a type of anti Christ. There are historians who researched an allegation that he was from a "family tree" of those who were forced to convert to Christianity.