Wednesday, October 21, 2020

To the President: Emancipate America from COVID Oppression

By David Martin

The national hysteria over COVID-19 is reaching insanely absurd proportions and a key reason is that not enough is being done to refute the COVID disinformation being spread by the liberal media. It is high time that America awaken to the fact that COVID-19 is not a national health emergency but is simply a political tool that deep-state Antichrist forces are using to lock down on American liberty. 

What we are looking at is a daily barrage of COVID fake news, no different than the fake news that Trump "colluded with the Russians" or that he is "responsible for spreading Coronavirus in America." Fake news describes it best and when we have deep-state socialists like Cuomo, Biden, and Fauci spreading these lies it only confirms the point.

The fact is that less than 10,000 people have died from COVID-19 in America, something the CDC confirmed on August 30, so at this point in time it is not we the people who must prove ourselves to fake state officials but they who must prove to the people that their fake numbers are correct.

In the meantime, the best thing America can do is to turn a deaf ear to the media and drop this COVID fuss, i.e. to drop the masks, distancing, and worrying, and get back to work and church as we did a year ago, because we are digging our own grave by taking this seriously. Already deep-state Democrats are gearing up for another wave of COVID-19 lock-downs this winter as they terrorize the public with fake reports about new "surging" COVID-19 case and death numbers so it's important that we close our ears to this disinformation lest we strengthen this plan.  

The Enemy Hinges on our Fears

On the flip side, we will foil this plan by simply ignoring the fake media and deep-state officials because they are hinging on our fearful compliance for the realization of their plan to incarcerate us in fear and reduce us to a police-state as has happened in Melbourne, Australia. 

Simple action on the part of the president—like an executive order reducing any state COVID-19 lock-down orders to a mere advisory—would go a long way in encouraging America to stand up against this socialist plan to take our country from us. Certainly, there is something along these lines that he can do to prompt Americans to finally dismiss this authoritarian COVID-19 dictatorship so that we can return to saluting America with true peace and liberty. 

Let us pray that President Trump will take decisive action against recalcitrant state leaders who are using COVID-19 as a convenient tool to shackle America for such a move would be an essential part of Making America Great Again. 


  1. Excellent David. But I overheard someone in line at the post office today that makes sense! “Has anyone read the latest mandate from
    Governor Newsome ? Another one “about the added restrictions for thanks-giving and Christmas”? Another “yes I have it sounds like we’re living in communist China’s!” Another “Newsome is guaranteeing Trumps re-election!”
    Therefore all this continued craziness from Dem Governors is actually working in Trumps favor towards re-election at least until the outcome of his re-election!

  2. Trump does sound like the adult.

  3. To deny the seriousness of the Covid Pandemic does a disservice to your readers. This article is the real fake news.

  4. Let's pray the rosary that President Donald Trump is reelected he our only hope for our country's continued freedom if Joe Biden wins we are doomed.The COVID-19 deaths are exaggerated, they are trying to control us with this pandemic. DEC

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  6. Hey Tancred, as usual, your come backs are at a Grade 7 level.
    Yes, they are.
    No they aren't
    Yes they are.
    You have a bright future ahead!

    1. I’m not sure you merit even a fifth form retort, my son. Just saying something is so, doesn’t make it so, but that’s all I’ve ever seen you do.

      Kind of low-t and puerile, Nancy.

  7. Seriously, Peter? Your original comment was as bland a retread of mainstream media lies as possible. You demonstrated no openness to truth, can't be original, but expect a scholarly reply? You can start with the WHO website, which downgraded this illness to nothing more than a seasonal flu, back in early March--BEFORE the lockdowns! They verbally keep lying about it, but their official source of information is correct, probably to try to shield themselves from the lawsuits certain to come once enough of the world catches on to the lies. One of those lawsuits is on the way from an international group of lawyers who can prove with science and medical statistics that this is all a massive, massive hoax.

  8. Flu season has also been suspiciously non-existent so far this year. I wonder if they’re piling on flu deaths with other comorbidities to keep the normies in terror.

  9. The DOJ is fighting the lockdowns in the courts. This is a very solid way to fight these Democrat minions and set precedent for future tyrannies.

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  12. 220,000 dead in the US, could be food poisoning.

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  14. Great essay by David Martin, the Covid panic Scamdemic is the most astounding demonstration of neurosis in world history.

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