Friday, January 27, 2017

The "Anti-Bergolio-Cardinal": Cardinal Burke and the "Recommendations" from Santa Marta

(Rome) After the pope demanded the resignation of the Grand Master of the Order of Malta, which must be adopted by the Sovereign Council of the Order on Saturday, the Cardinal Patronus of the Order, Raymond Burke, is the focus of increased interest.
Since the beginning of Francis' pontificate, the Cardinal has been on a  confrontation course with the Pope, who "came from a distance". On the Cardinal's side, the matter is formulated differently: the Cardinal defends the doctrine of the faith of the Church against those who are on a confrontational course with the teachings that were handed down.
In the first bishop's synod on the family in October 2014, he was raised to the role of the Synodal spokesman, as opposed to the "new mercy" of Cardinal Walter Kasper, supported by Francis. Cardinal Burke accused the Kasperians of betrayal of the Church, indignant at the machinations behind the scenes to manipulate the Synod.

Pope "Regulates" Legally Hopeless Conflict with a Battering ram

A few weeks after the end of the Synod the courageous cardinal was publicly punished Pope Francis. He made him resign as president of the Supreme Court of the Apostolic Signatura and removed him from the Roman Curia. In that November 2014 Burke was appointed to the post of cardinal patron at Sovereign Order of Malta . A prestigious post, but without any influence on the church leadership. A post on which the brilliant lawyer of the Church could "do no harm", to the satisfaction of the papal clique.

Cardinal Burke is always "in the way" of Pope Francis. Or is it the other way around?

Cardinal Burke accepted dismissal and humiliation without publicly speaking a word about it. In his new task, he soon found his way. With the grandmaster, Fra Matthew Festing, an Englishman, their collaboration was not only facilitated by a common mother tongue. It is therefore assumed that the jurist Burke stands behind the procedure and statements of the Grand Master in the Boeselager case. Legally, this soon became clear in the Vatican, as it was accomplished with few expectations . Even the best lawyer, however, is powerless when more powerful rules override the rules and accomplished facts, and Pope Francis is well known to distrust rules and to prefer informal paths. Reacting with a battering ram on Tuesday he was able to overcome a legally hopeless situation in less than half an hour by surprising the grandmaster, who hoped for an honest confrontation and "dialogue" with the Pope, with a hard-hitting resignation. Whether it was that Pope Francis was like an Ernest Hemingway in the pose of a triumphing huntsman, is not to be dismissed. Some things seem to indicate this. Perhaps he himself was astonished at the power which his office is able to exercise with those who take it seriously.

"The Anti-Bergoglio Cardinal"

Now Cardinal Burke is in the focus, because he has already crossed the Pope for the third time. Observers rightly assume that this has not escaped the Pope's notice. After the first time, Burke was mercilessly demoted. The second time is an ongoing conflict. Burke is one of the four signatories of the Dubia (doubts) to the controversial post-synodal Letter Amoris laetitia . Since September 19th, the date of filing, Francis refuses to respond to the five questions posed by the cardinals and bring the hoped and requested clarification on ambiguous points of Amoris laetitia . The refusal of a Pope to answer questions of faith would be difficult to sustain for a long time without harming the office.
Now, thirdly, the conflict with the Maltese rule has also come. The cardinal can do precious little. Francis had forced him into the role as ambassador to the Order. Burke, as he did, kept to the rules. He told the Vatican what was to be reported. There is no way for an ambassador to comment on things being seen differently. In the matter of Maltese Order, the Cardinal never spoke. As a cardinal patron, he also undertook his task to advise the Grand Master, if desired. That Boeselager, whom the Grand Master had set up as a Grand Chancellor, had so good personal contacts with the Vatican Secretariat of State, and thus also with the Pope, is written on another sheet of music. In the meantime, it is generally known that the German Freiherr can call himself the "friend of the pope".
The fact that Cardinal Burke also one of the traditional friendly Cardinals in the Church, who mostly celebrates in the traditional form of the Roman Rite, which accoring to Pope Francis, is a "just passing fashion," maintains that it is also "ideologically" motivated and " semi-Pelagian." The other conflicts appear to be a mere surrender. The context is not, however, accidental.

What future for the Maltese  after "Operation Francis"?

As always, when two are arguing, there are others that stoke things in the background, takes place not always out of declared motives. Since the outbreak of the conflict in the Maltese Order, there are those who are fomenting against Cardinal Burke. The fact is that the Pope has asked Burke to mediate, but he has still heated the conflict. Anyone could see an opportunity to send Cardinal Burke "into the desert". The Dean of the Roman Rota , Msgr. Pio Vito Pinto, a declared Pope's confidant, had already on November 28, 2016, because of Dubia, threatened the withdrawal of the cardinalatial dignity  by Pope Francis. Pinto's zeal, however, had been more detrimental to the image of the pope, and he had to recant his statement shortly after. Cardinal Burke has had to make many statements since then. Yesterday,  the Frankfurter Allgemeine wrote of "ultra conservative hardliners", today, while Il Messaggero described him as the "anti-Bergoglio Cardinal". The Cardinal has rejected the assignment of such a role.

"A step back for the good of the Church"

Since then, in any case, someone in Santa Marta knows that no degradation of Cardinal Burke would really happen. Offices and titles are irrelevant to the pope anyway. Cardinal Burke also, albeit in a very different way, and above all with the utmost respect for every office and dignity. But there is another point where Burke wants to get something. The lawyer is considered, which is the way at least it is seen in the papal entourage, as the main actor behind the Dubia. If one were to make him withdraw his signature, or otherwise to take a "step back" for "the good of the Church", it would make Dubia resistance collapse. Thus one thinks when he is closest to the pope. The Dubia are currently the biggest annoyance for Santa Marta. They are like a barb in the flank of this pontificate. The outcome of this conflict is uncertain, not least for Pope Francis. With a background report in the Rome's newspaper Il Messaggero whose editors traditionally hold good ecclesiastical contacts, Burke was sent this message today: "Burke, the anti-Bergoglio Cardinal could take a step back." That was the heading of the title. The subjunctive refers less to the Cardinal's considerations, but rather to a recommendation to him. Literally it says in the article: "Now it could be Francis who is waiting for Burke to take a step back for the good of the Church."
As far as the current wishes in the guest house of the Vatican, it seems, however, ruled that Cardinal Burke, just because Francis is mad at him, will give up the Dubia . The Franciscan sourness against the US Cardinal has been a permanent state since February 2014 at the latest. This has much more to do with Pope Francis than with Cardinal Burke. There is nothing to suggest that the Cardinal could make such "recommendations". Still, in the first half of the month, the farm boy from Wisconsin was reaffirmed in his determination because of the ambiguous formulations in Amoris laetitia, not about feelings, moods, whims or nuances, but fundamental questions that go to the heart of the Christian Faith. On January 8,  Cardinal Burke said in a television interview: "A Brotherly rebuke will come if Francis' refusal continues." On January 11, he specified in a newspaper interview: "No ultimatum to the Pope, but the faith is in danger." 
On a whole other hand, there is the suffering inscribed on another page, which the Cardinal is undergoing because of the inner-Church conflicts and because of the overall situation of the Church and the faith. But perhaps you will never know about it.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Vatican. va/MiL/orderofmalta (screenshots)
Trans: Tancred
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Kathleen1031 said...

I have no idea if this is even possible, but could it be this whole Malta incident was set up by Bergolio in advance? There is little doubt he wants to get to Cardinal Burke. The pope is a powerful and angry man, a man with a obviously grand ego, and Cardinal Burke has questioned him. Bergolio has demonstrated a bent toward vengeful appointments and firings. We've not seen "mercy" except in words.
If Cardinal Burke recanted the dubia, it would devastate traditionalist Catholics, who have come to put some hope in the dubia as tempering this out of control pope who seems determined to tear our faith and church apart almost singlehandedly. He would be taking away the only potential counterpoint to this relentless outrage, this rape of Holy Mother Church.

One of the most discouraging aspects is the appalling level of weakness that some would call obedience. It cannot be obedience to do the bidding of the man who is so poorly treating our 2000 year old Catholic faith, which is as Cardinal Burke said, in danger. It is in grave danger! The faithful are feeling the pull of doubt here, the gates of hell appear to be prevailing, numbers are not on our side, and there is no one who has stood in the gap and called out the heretics with the force and direct language equal to the assault! No one who has said the words that need to be said, blasphemers! You ask us to commit sacrilege! We will NOT, and YOU must GO. How we yearn for those words!
Where are these men? I hope the men in charge of the Former Sovereign Military Order of Malta say NO to Fra. Fessing's resignation. I pray it.

Anonymous said...

Calling upon courtesy, submission and obedience to legitimate ecclesiastical authority in the current situation traverses the border of sadism, and it begs the big, forbidden and unspoken question, “Who is presently legitimate?”
That aside, for any of the four cardinals to withdraw from the inspired engagement they have thus far pursued would be a sacrilege. God preserve them. They are among the few advocates that have come forward for the laity whose hands are tied.
The situation is not only unjust but sadistic.

Anonymous said...

I agree that this is a set-up by this filth Bergoglio to get rid or discredit the great Cardinal Burke. But it will badly backfire on him.
There is so much dislike....even hatred....for this "pope" in vast sections of the Catholic world, especially in Italy, that he is only making his own situation worse.
He has also unleashed tremendous resentment with his idea of once again revising the "Roman Missal", everyone kows it as an attempt to undo the great work of Benedict XVI and to unleash more "change" and fabrication, experimentation the Mass.
The fruits of Francis' papacy are universally bad.
The world wide number of seminarians since he came to power is down close to 10,000, It was about 122,000 in 2013. It had gone down as low as 74,000 during the disastrous post- Vatican II reign of Paul VI....creeping up bit by bit thru the much improved reign of John Paul II, and reaching a peak under Benedict XVI. Now it is down to about 113,000,
In male religious Orders, the biggest groups (Jesuits,Franciscans,Salesians, Christian Brothers, etc)are suffering losses of 150-350 members per year again....not seen since the days immediately after Vatican II. The smaller Orders are also experiencing big loses again, which is especially critical for them, for if you had maybe 700 before Vatican II, and declined over the last 50 years to maybe 250-350, another wave of big losses could be fatal. Once again, it's the Orders that have bought into Francis' agenda that are losing the most....same with seminaries...also in the USA.
You can write off the radical liberal Orders of nuns world wide, with their layclothes members and median age of close to 80! It doesn't matter that Francis recinded the investigation of USA liberal nuns....they're dead groups...all of them.
Mass attendance since Francis has gone in the USA from about 25% in 2013, to about 23% nationwide, and in some dioceses to approaching 10%. The idea of the Francis effect would be laughable if it were not so patently false!
Mass attendance under Francis continues to plummet in Europe, and his very own, fabricated "Holy Year of Mercy" was a total flop.....admitted by everyone....even though the Vatican tried to put a triumphant face on it. But when you know they were expecting close to 20 million pilgrims and got 3.9 million, you can't spin that anyway other than as a flop. Good riddance to Francis and his associates.
Some people think that in the next conclave, if he hasn't wrecked the Church by then, the next Pope will be just like Francis. Don't bet on it.
He has generated so much ...hatred...for himself and his agenda in the Vatican and among many Cardinals who neverless have remained cowardly silent, that his kind won't pass the test the next time around.
We might get a traditionalist, maybe someone who isn't even a Cardinal. We may get a Benedict XVI type. We may get a JP II type. But not a Francis type.

Damian Malliapalli

Barbara Jensen said...

The inability of those in positions to do so to speak clearly and strongly to this errant pope is very telling and very sad. Their highest and greatest obedience is to the fullness of the Catholic Faith which has been given to us by Jesus Christ. No Vatican protocol or allegiance to prelates etc. takes precedence over defending and declaring the Truth of the Catholic Faith. This is the solemn duty of each priest, bishop and Cardinal. The reality is staring us all in the face. Bergoglio must be confronted and,if that means even 'defrocking' for a Cardinal, so be it. The Cardinals of the Dubia seem to be wavering from doing what should be done. The price is very high for them to stand for Christ. Millions of souls are being misled though Bergoglio's heresies. What we are seeing is Cardinals' allegiance to the institutional protocols of Vatican diplomacy over speaking the truth of the Faith we hold so precious. I am not confident that the correction which is so necessary will ever be given. The hierarchy is being exposed for what they really are. It is so very sad to watch.

Robbie said...

I occasionally trade emails with someone who writes about the Vatican and is well connected to the conservatives who live and work there. In fact, I suspect most who read this site have read this person's work. What this person told me about Cardinal Burke is very interesting.

In short, the rumor he passed along suggests Cardinal Burke has gained esteem among the other Cardinals as a result of the humiliation he has received from Francis. The African Cardinals especially stand with him and he will control a bloc of voters at the next Conclave. They will vote for someone Burke supports and it could be enough to tip the balance.

PaxTecum77 said...

Cardinal Burke has made some statements that are very important, I wish someone would list all the ones that pertain to our salvation and those that debunk Bergoglio. When asked about the possibility that the Red Hat may be taken away from him he answered, "My salvation is more important than a title. When I die and am judged by God I do not wish to hear from God, You betrayed me for a title", "We serve God before man", "When a Pope falls into heresy he ceases to be Pope". Cardinal Burke has been spelling out what we must do in a clear manner but yet choosing his words carefully so that Bergolio the anti-Pope cannot accuse him. Bergoglio knew he would be destroying the Church like a true anti-Christ but he didn't bargain for those who would defend the Truth. I imagine this devil incarnate bashing his head in Domus Sancta Marta in frustration, he kinda reminds me of Hitler.

Anonymous said...

Look, there is, and can be no such thing as 2 Popes at the same time. That Benedict thinks, and says, that he and Bergoglio both exercise the Petrine ministry shows that he, Benedict, is still Pope. I call this the 'Frankenchurch' period of the 'Vatican II Captivity'. God help us!

philipjohnson said...

I hope that the writers of the above re the hatred in the Vatican is true and that Francis is out on a limb.His behaviour is aggressive and cruel and on and on he goes daily spitting out venom on every Catholic Truth person or action.He will be brought down by his own base efforts and good riddance i say.Novus Ordo Mass for me later,Glorious Latin Mass tomorrow!Shall i pray for this Bergoglio?I suppose so he may need more prayers now that sulphur and brimstone are on the horizon?May he repent and return to Holy Mother Church.

Uxi said...

I am certainly weary of this papacy and the policies it suggests, though am concerned so many can only assume the worse (IE setups, etc) about the Holy Father. Kyrie eleison.

Anonymous said...

Who will the eye of Sauron fall on next. They'll probably lock us out of our parishes during Holy Week.

Anonymous said...

Yes, he is like Hitler. I read about his temper tantrums and rages in the Vatican....hollering red-faced rages. That is exactly something Hitler....or any other megalomaniac madman would do. Francis is right there with them.
Don't be surprised if one day soon one of his rages triggers him to have a stroke. Very possible. That would be the end of the Bergoglio reign.
Damian Malliapalli

TLM said...

Sadly, they all but one agreed.

TLM said...

I'm wondering if anyone has read what transpired between Bergoglio and the Grand Master upon asking for his 'resignation'? He demanded that he write out his resignation right then and there and he also insisted that he include Cardinal Burke's hand in the firing of the Grand Chancellor. Absolutely Bergoglio has his knives out for Cardinal Burke. I think the entire thing was orchestrated by Bergoglio and Boys. He KNOWS that Cardinal Burke and the Cardinals that support the Dubia will not back down until they have an answer, and he KNOWS that they will take steps to eventually declare him anathema, so his back is against the wall. He's playing's really that simple. The Cardinals must MOVE on this. They CANNOT WAIT because Bergoglio has his firing squad loading their guns as we speak.

PaxTecum77 said...

I read the sad news. The Order of Malta has accepted the resignation of the Grand Master. The diabolical Grand Chancellor has been reinstated by the Order of Malta. It has been stated that today the Order of Malta has died. Bergoglio the most evil man on earth has again caused great damage to the Church. Bergoglio can do anything to dismantle Christ's Church. May Our Lady of the Rosary crush his proud head. May the Traditionalists stand up and condemn the Anti-Christ Bergoglio.

Anonymous said...

I'm always concerned when I read articles like this and I see how much conservative Catholics dislike the Holy Father. He has been doing some wonderful things for the church, with an emphasis on Mercy. Not everything is black and white, most of life is a grey area. He is trying to accompany people on their spiritual journey in a truly pastoral nature, not one of rules and rigidness. I pray he is around more many years, and is able to appoint like minded cardinals and bishops. I do realize many people have an affinity for Cardinal Burke and the church of the past, but we have to move forward. Card. Burke seems to be of the mindset of seeing himself as a "prince" of the church, not a servant leader. It seems to me as though some of Card. Burke's actions border on heresy, he acts as someone who wants to leave the church. We should pray for him...

UnamSanctam said...

So the Order of Malta has fallen, its knights unworthy in the end of that title. Now it has a Vatican II Commissar to edge it towards the agwnda of the UN, Soros and the goblin Bergoglio.

Burke and the others have to move publicly at some point vrry soon to call out this wooden golem heretic, a veritable demon, and follow through to depose him.

Tancred said...

Why be concerned? In human terms, the victory of Freemasons like yourself is almost entirely assured.

JBQ said...

Archbishop Raymond Burke came to St. Louis from La Crosse, Wisconsin, when Archbishop Justin Rigali was promoted to Philadelphia where he received the red hat. Burke immediately began "upsetting the apple cart" and Rigali kept an eye on him through the leaving of his own sister (Sister Charlotte Rigali) at the chancery. Burke went after Catholic pro abortion politicians and created a backlash whereupon Rigali had him removed and appointed to the Supreme Court. This was in 2008 and approved by Benedict. Francis did not arrive until 2013. I have emails from the chancery to prove it and I attended the farewell Mass for Burke in August of 2008 which was just before the election of then Senator Obama. This sure looks like a "quid pro quo". As Burke and his entourage entered the St. Louis Cathedral, I was privy to a supernatural event which appeared to bless the efforts of now Cardinal Burke and discredit the protracted evil inherent in the attack of the left on the moral life of the Church as particularly now seen in Amoris Laetitia.

Anonymous said...

A supernatural event? What happened?


Anonymous said...

The Pope has two different powers: one is the Bishop of Rome and the other one is the Head of the Church. St. Peter (Petrine ministry) and his successors had those two powers although many people did not realize it because it was the same person.

Pope Benedict XVI resigned as a Bishop of Rome, successor of Peter. Yes, successor of Peter since St. Peter also was the Bishop of Rome. He did not resigned as a Head of the Church.

Compare the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI with Pope Celestine V. You will notice a big difference. Pope Benedict XVI only resigned as a Bishop of Rome. He did that because it was necessary to get separated from the Vatican. It was Francis who insisted Pope Benedict XVI stayed at the Vatican. Jesus asked Pope Benedict XVI to get separated from the Vatican.
And I knew that before the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI.

Pope Francis is not a real Pope. He is not the Head of the Church, he is only the Bishop of Rome.

PaxTecum77 said...

Anonymous, After reading your Post I conclude you are another Modernist. You speak highly of Bergoglio and put down Burke. In the Eyes of God and all of Heaven Burke is the favored faithful servant of God. Burke is a faithful son of the Church while Bergoglio is a man who has divided the Church not through mercy but through hatred. The conviction of many Catholics now, is that Bergoglio is the actual anti-Christ. Anonymous, your words are filled with hypocrisy of the worst kind.

Anonymous said...

The photo at the top seems to show these fellows for the scurrying rats that they are. BTW, what is with all these kardinals wearing pink or orange? Is that how they 'know' one another?

Anonymous said...

It is people like you who have caused the collapse of Christendom most especially in Europe. You coward! Tell the mohammedan demons about all the grey areas of life while they are cutting your head off.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

All of us are to blame for the collapse of Christendom.

JBQ said...

I suddenly felt a supernatural presence. I went into a trancelike state. I looked and saw the pillars of the Cathedral swaying. I thought that the building might collapse. I thought that I was having a migraine headache and a dizzy spell and that everything was swaying. I quickly looked at the entourage walking into the Cathedral. They were walking upright and straight with no motion while the pillars continued to wobble. I quickly understood that I was privy to a message from God.

Anonymous said...

I pray for the Pope every day, because I respect the Papacy if not the current incumbent.

For those tempted not to pray for him, just stop to consider how much worse he might be without our prayers !
--Aunt Raven

coradcorloquitur said...

"Rigidness" (no such word in the English tongue: the correct word is "rigidity"); "servant leader"; "accompanying" people; the Church must "move forward." The insufferable, tepid language of the Modernists and Liberals"---their mental and spiritual malaise is reflected in their vapid vocabulary.

JBQ said...

The opposition has faded away. No matter the ego, there is someone more powerful than he.

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