Monday, December 20, 2010

Revoke the Act of Settlement Now: Catholic Windsor Condemns Abortion

Lord and Lady Windsor
The Act of Settlement is a piece of benevolent legislation passed down and transmogrified for centuries to accommodate the growing insignificance of the Church of England in public and private life.  Like Don't Ask Don't Tell, it can be abolished.

This man should be King.

The Duchess of Kent has withdrawn from public life to such an extent that she is often described as a recluse, but her son Lord Nicholas Windsor is determined to speak out over causes that he believes in.

Lord Nicholas, 40, who lost his place in the line of succession when he became a Roman Catholic, has written a controversial article in which he claims that abortion is a bigger threat to Europe than al-Qaeda and Islamic terrorism.

He describes abortion as "the single most grievous moral deficit in contemporary life" and calls for a "new abolitionism for Europe" in which abortion, like the slave trade, can be abolished.

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Anonymous said...

I take it a a rich, out-of-touch MALE, he would never have to worry about being poor and actually having to RAISE his own children.

If men had to be bothered to actually raise their own kids, they wouldn't be so smugly hypocritical about abortion. Shut up, boys.

Tancred said...

It's really about a human life. That men have been significantly cut out of their children's upbringing by industrialization, state-welfare, the courts and feminism is a big part of the problem. Talk about being out of touch and poorly informed. There must be an Oprah page where your views are welcomed and celebrated somewhere. Why not air your uncritical views there for a good reception?

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